Editor’s Perspective

The following editorial appeared in the Waynflete Flyer, the Upper School student newspaper.


As most people probably noticed, there was a photographer on campus on Wednesday. Presumably her pictures of class discussions, frisbee in Waynhenge, and students walking into Emery will eventually appear on the website or in the viewbook, replacing the pictures of middle schoolers who have graduated. After being photographed, I heard many people wondering about the shots’ portrayal of Waynflete. Is it really a Waynflete norm to smile while doing homework?

A day or two later, having been let out of class early, I did not rush across campus to my next class as I usually would. Instead, as I sauntered out of Emery en route to Cook-Hyde, I reflected upon my perception of Waynflete. Though I knew that hordes of students would gush forth from Emery in less than five minutes, the well-treaded path by Waynhenge was deserted. I looked at the trees separating the path from the parking lot, and remembered the community service day when my homeroom planted flowers between those trees. I crossed Storer Street carefully–attentive not primarily because of the danger of cars, but because I recalled a memorably slushy day freshman year when I ended up sprawled on the road, unhurt but soaked. I smiled as I passed the Sanctuary, thinking of an enjoyable Latin class earlier in the week during which we had worked outside.

Next time that you’re walking through the halls or across campus, think of everything here that has meaning to you. Think about what being a Waynflete student means to you–it’s different for all of us. No matter how awkward people may have felt while being photographed, we are Waynflete. Thinking about this the other day, I walked into the library during PA. The library was relatively quiet save for the sound of typing and of pages being turned. Believe it or not, several people were smiling as they worked.

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