EC–5 art show

Early Childhood–Grade 5 artwork is currently on view in the Klingenstein Library.

The Loon Pod in EC have been looking closely at the artwork by Vincent Van Gogh. While studying “Starry Night,” the students were interested in the swirls in the night sky. After watching videos of other artists making their own “Starry Night”-inspired art, they did their own! Students used shaving cream and water colors to create swirls of color and pressed paper down on top to make a print.

Students in K-1 Art created paper Adinkra weavings and watercolor monoprints representing the visual traditions of Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. In conjunction with their marine study unit, students in 2-3 Art used tempera paints to create observational sea turtles. Finally, artists in 4-5 drew observational leaves and translated the images into watercolor monoprints. Images were then bound into books.

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