During the first week of rehearsals for Henry V, we had an amazing “on your feet” first read followed by an intense drumming workshop led by local musician, Marc Chilemmi, who also teaches drum circle for MS PAW.  Additionally, we had a stage combat workshop led by Sally Wood, a guest artist form Portland Stage Co. and Bowdoin College Theater Program.  The cast and crew worked on slaps, punches, falls, hair pulls, devising battle scenes in small groups and exploring the physical movement created from shooting a long bow.  The goal was to create an epic sense of battle with a variety of movement and sound.  Here is a link to another rehearsal video featuring our long bow battle lines.  Yes, we are off to a boisterous beginning!

The crew is still open so students should be in touch if they would like to join in! Contact  or .


  • Stage manger: Caroline Kyros
  • Assistant Stage manger: Lily Reiner
  • Props: Hibo Abdi
  • Drums: Chris Bergeron
  • Crew: Ada Aho, Hulan Bikales, Josie Cotton, Will Armstong, Almu Canales, Brandon Wu, Najma Abdullahi, Emily Tabb, Althea Sellers, Tyler Cutrone

Cast in order of appearance:

  • Chorus – Every one
  • Henry V, King of England – Elliot Nye
  • Thomas, Duke of Exeter – uncle to the king – Scott Ralston
  • Duke of Gloucester  – brother to the king – Liam McNiff
  • Duke of York – cousin to the king – Emily Talpey
  • Westmoreland – cousin to the king – Liv Troiano
  • Bishop of Ely – Justin Gross
  • Arch Bishop of Canterbury – Jesse Brooks
  • Montjoy, a messenger/ambassador from France – Acadia Weinberg
  • Mistress Quickly, hostess at the Boar’s Head Inn – Liv Troiano
  • Pistol – former companion of the king, now soldiers in his army – Graydon Nuki
  • Nym – former companion of the king, now soldiers in his army – Henry Wasserman
  • Bardolph – former companion of the king, now soldiers in his army – Bob Wilson
  • Boy – Servant to the three – Sarah Heath
  • King of France – Haley Jo Cutrone
  • Dauphin of France – Jonas Maines
  • Constable of France – James Jujaroen
  • Orleans, French lord – Colin Lebihan
  • Governor or Harfleur – Justin Gross
  • Alice, a French lady in waiting – Anna Maclean
  • Katherine, the princess of France – Nicole Maines
  • Captain Fluellen – A captain on Henry’s army, a Welshman – Jesse Brooks
  • Sir Thomas Erpingham, a loyal captain in Henry’s army – Justin Gross
  • John Bates – English soldier – Henry Wasserman
  • Alexander Court – English soldier – Emily Talpey
  • Michael Williams – English soldier – Bob Wilson
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