Class of 2016 Dedicates Yearbook to Debba Curtis

“Perhaps it is her history as a lawyer that has so thoroughly trained her to detect half-truths and poorly researched papers, but whatever the cause, she is willing and able to call her students out when they fall short of her expectations. She teaches with wit, humor, and generosity, pushing us forward, laughing with us and helping us to find our way back. Though she does not hesitate to challenge us–even if the pop quiz makes us squirm–she is as unrestrained in her support of her students as she is in her questioning of them, freely offering us her number in case we should ever find ourselves in need of legal advice and a non-parental advocate. What is most remarkable about her is her unfailing strength and courage, even in the face of great struggle and sadness. There is no getting around the fact that Waynflete saw one of its most difficult years in recent memory, and yet, through it all she managed to remain kind and supportive of her students without disregarding her own emotional realities, even going above and beyond to remind us that we are all deeply loved, and that we have a friend and an ally in her. The class of 2016 is proud to dedicate this yearbook to Debba Curtis and her hardworking furry sidekick Franny as a small symbol of our boundless gratitude. Thank you, Debba, for all that you do and are.”

-As read at the Upper School Assembly on May 3, 2016

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