Civic engagement teach-in

A few weeks ago, 6-12 History teacher Hannah DeBlois led a civic engagement teach-in for middle school students. The theme of the event was how to get involved in your community and make a difference through individual action and initiative.

Here are a few of Hannah’s talking points:

Today during assembly, we talked about the concept of civic engagement, which we defined in its simplest terms as “citizens working together to create positive change in their community.”

We talked about how civic engagement is all about identifying a need and working to help fill it. It can be political or non-political, and can aim to address issues ranging from local to global.

Being engaged in one’s community is good for individuals and society alike, and there are lots of ways for Middle School students to get involved:

  • Volunteer with a local organization. Soup kitchens, community centers, animal shelters, food pantries, and recycling centers are all examples of institutions that often provide opportunities for community members to help out.
  • Think about your own strengths and interests. Are you a passionate artist? Make some art that brings attention to a cause you believe in. Do you love working with young children? Investigate volunteer opportunities at daycare centers and preschools. Are you interested in life sciences? Look into gardening with bee-friendly plants around your home.
  • Waynflete encourages students to engage as global citizens. See this link for more information on opportunities that are available to students in different divisions!
  • Know your rights. The American Civil Liberties Union offers some great resources for understanding your personal rights in the United States.

Don’t forget: You are powerful! You can create positive change in the world! Think about ways that you can do so in ways that are meaningful to you.

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