Checking in From Spain

Hi Geoff!

How are you? I hope this school year has had a great start! I’m sure you are probably very busy but I’m writing to thank you for making Waynflete what it is.

Waynflete has prepared me extremely well for college. I think the sense of independence and responsibility we receive at Waynflete is something that we make use of in college. We learn to take responsibility for our actions and to organize ourselves. It helps us mature and prepares us for everything that can be thrown in our direction. The diversity at Waynflete, in terms of people, classes, activities, guest speakers…opens our mind so incredibly much. I have never appreciated what a gift that was until I put it to use in this new environment.

The relationship with our advisors also has helped me so much in creating a similar relationship with many professors and my advisor here, making college just a bit easier and manageable. Comparing myself to other students, I see myself better equipped to handle all the difficulties that come with college and I can’t stop thinking about Waynflete and how grateful I am to have been there for my last years of high school.

Thank you so much! I hope to hear from you soon and please write if you find yourself in Spain!

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