Change in Schedule for Grade 9 Parent Evening/Potluck

Change in Schedule for Waynflete 9th Grade Parent Evening and Potluck on October 24th

5:30 p.m. Brief Overview and Q&A about 9th Grade Seminar and Student Support in Student Center
6:00 p.m. Parent Potluck at Boulos House

Dear Parents of 9th Graders,

Prior to the parent potluck on October 24th, we would like to invite you to join Cathie Connors, Stacey Sevelowitz and Lydia Maier for a brief Overview and Q&A about the support system for 9th graders. It will be a chance to meet Stacey Sevelowitz, Academic Support Director, who will share strategies we use with the students to help them develop their executive functioning, time management and long term project planning ability. We will share suggestions for ways parents can help with stress-management and resilience building.

The Seminar groups are all off to a strong start and we feel privileged to be witnessing the Life Map presentations for the next couple of weeks. Students are exploring the values and experiences that have shaped their identity, their accomplishments and aspirations, and the resources they need to navigate life in Upper School. We look forward to seeing you there and joining you afterward for the potluck.

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