Black Heroes Project: Memory Quilt

By Carrie Chamberlain, Middle School assistant

The Middle School recognized and celebrated Black History Month by reintroducing the Black Heroes Project through the lens of a “memory quilt.” Students and advisors participated in the activity, which spanned over a two-part assembly.

At assembly, the Middle School community was presented with this quote as a starting point:

“Black History Month is about our ancestors, changemakers, and revolutionaries—whose names we know as well as those unheard of and forgotten. For many, the fruits of their labor were never seen or enjoyed, and we owe many of our freedoms to their efforts. We often relish the stories and legends but should gift our gratitude to the human side of the individuals who dedicated parts of themselves to better our world, and to have this be a regular practice that extends beyond a month in February, but penetrates the very fabric of our educational institutions and society.” – Mydashia Hough, Student Advisor at Columbia University

Memory quilts are typically a collection of special clothing items pieced together to celebrate important milestones, special events, or the life of a loved one. The idea of compiling squares of Black heroes into a memory quilt is intended to celebrate Black history in the same way.

Students researched Black heroes in history class and created their squares in English class. At our most recent assembly, representatives from each advising group shared their squares and Black heroes. Advising groups are in the process of displaying their full quilts in homerooms—artifacts that will allow them to reflect on Black History Month throughout February and beyond.

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