BalletX Visits Waynflete

Portland Ovations Offstage connected with us hoping to reach out into community educational and artistic programs and made a special dance connection. BalletX recently visited Portland, Maine and with an arrangement from Ovations they offered a Master Class on October 20th, 2016, conducted by their NYT celebrated company Ballet X Associate Artistic Director, Tara Keating.

BalletX is a unique Classical Ballet Company in that they also integrate Modern and Contemporary Dance styles with the use of everyday movement, drawing from Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, and Twyla Tharp, to name a few Post Modern influences.

The Master Class was attended by seventeen dancers from the Middle School and Upper School classes, including the Choreography Class in the Enrichment Program, as well as IAP dance students who also study and perform in the greater Portland community. Students had the opportunity to attend an incredible hour and half workshop on Waynflete’s campus and then to attend the BalletX concert at Merrill Auditorium in the evening.

The Master Class started with barre work in our Dance Studio and then progressed to the Drama Room to practice center work and learn expansive and impressive across the floor dance combinations. Some instructions were given using  traditional french terminology such as Plies, Releves, Arabesque, Battement, and Port de Bras. The center work and across the floor combinations included Pirouettes, Balances, Grand Jetes, Chaines, and in conclusion, the Grand Reverence. Recorded musical accompaniment was lyrical, lively, and familiar. Selections were from popular musicals like The Sound Of Music, The Wiz, and Oliver. Ms. Keating offered a “Q and A” opportunity for students to ask questions and share comments at the completion of the Master Class.

We have many Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School dancers, some training in our programs and others learning privately, who can benefit from visiting programs such as this. We will hope to continue to offer these valuable opportunities for our students in order to ensure that as many as possible may experience up close what wonders in dance are available and reachable.

Susan Nelson

Coming up, “STORYBYRD”

Dance Concert

Take a moment to visualize a dancer leaping into the air as a starling taking flight, or a crane conveying an urgent message, or portraying a story, which unfolds through choreography and creative dance. Inspired by natural movement our November dance concerts offer the opportunity to view poignant expressions of real life.

Our dancers will liven up the stage with a demonstration of their progress in technique and by expressing their stories through dance.

Please join our Storybyrd events!

November 16th at 4:00p.m., The Lower School Enrichment Dance Program Performance
November 17th at 7:00p.m., The Middle School and Upper School Performance featuring the Danceflete Ensemble and the Middle School Enrichment Dance Program

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