Avalanche Foundation Youth Course

Waynflete’s Blake Keogh and Beth Swartz of the White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation led an avalanche awareness course for teenagers over February break. Waynflete students Keegan (seventh grade) and Alex (eighth grade) took part. The course was offered in partnership with Synnott Mountain Guides and the Mount Washington Valley Backcountry Ski Fest.

The course is designed for skiers and riders who are looking to gain basic information and skills on how to travel safely in the backcountry. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for backcountry skiing with the next generation of riders in order to provide a solid foundation from which they can begin fun, rewarding ,and safe careers. The White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation strives to provide avalanche awareness and education of the youth and wilderness rescuers of the White Mountain region and those visiting this unique landscape.

Photos courtesy of Cait Bourgault

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