“Authenticity” in the Waynflete Gallery

The Authenticity show in the Waynflete Gallery has enabled visitors of all ages to participate in various reinterpretations of famous “masterpieces.” The show invites viewers and participants to consider the very definitions of art and who is an artist, while posing questions about originality and ownership. The artists whose work is examined are Andy Warhol, Georges Seurat, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Sol Lewitt.

These photographs show some of the collaborative efforts of many participants in EC-12. The paintings on the walls represent Waynflete’s versions of a Sol Lewitt (1928-2007) “drawing.” Sol Lewitt was an American artist who, like an architect with a blueprint, made schematic drawings for others to paint on walls in public spaces, thereby bringing the idea of ownership into question. His work has been painted on walls all over the world.

There are two Waynflete versions, one in color and one in black & white. The “Post-it Note” Mona Lisa was made with 1,024 Post-Its!

Top image: Grade 8 students removing taped-off areas to reveal finished collaborative painting.

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