Abukar Adan ’13 Speaks Out as a Muslim in the Wake of the Paris Bombings

Waynflete alum Abukar Adan ’13 has never shied away from a chance to speak his mind.  As a student at Waynflete, he could always be found in animated conversation with his peers and teachers alike about the issues of the day.  He would be the one to ask a probing question of a guest speaker at assembly.  He even submitted an essay in his class with me that was critical of the way the School was upholding its core values, which means, in effect, that he was calling out the guy in charge who would also be grading his essay.  That essay is linked here.

Abukar, now a junior at Colby College, must have learned something about writing while at Waynflete, because last spring the Huffington Post published his open letter of appreciation for his Waynflete mentor , Sue Stein.  His letter is linked here.

They also picked him up as a regular blogger.  A recent post, which is linked here, came out in the immediate aftermath of the Paris bombings in anticipation of a worldwide backlash against Muslims.

Clearly, somewhere along the line, Abukar learned something about courage as well.

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