2020 Senior Awards

One of the rituals of spring in the Upper School that has been canceled by the virus is the annual awards assembly.  Waynflete values all of our students equally and prizes each student’s growth and accomplishments. Another ritual of spring that is happening virtually in a couple of weeks is the senior dinner, in which the journey of each senior is recognized through a reading of a “Senior Minute.”

The awards assembly is the time in which we honor individual students for outstanding achievement in each department and for distinguished service to the community. On behalf of the Upper School faculty and administration, it is my pleasure to announce the 2020 recipients of departmental awards and as well as inductees into the Cum Laude Society, which is an organization “dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools.” The list below does not include the recipient of the Irvil K. Pease award, which is determined by a vote of the Upper School student body and recognizes the senior who “best embodies the Waynflete spirit.” We are saving that announcement for the last Upper School assembly on June 10.

Cum Laude Last Year
Abigail Aleshire, Sophi Aronson, Valerie Geldenhuys, Ian McClure-Chute
Cum Laude New Seniors Niall Calvert, Ellis Dougherty,Haoming Ma, Clara Sandberg, Emily Wagg, Nicholas Werner
Cum Laude New Juniors Selina He, Semma Twining
Math (Margaret Chenery) Valerie Geldenhuys
Science (Vergn Hewes) Sophi Aronson and Abby Aleshire
Linguistic Excellence in a World Language Ella Hannaford and Valerie Geldenhuys
Cultural Appreciation in a World Language Ellis Dougherty, Rachel Burns, and Julia Fiori
Performing Arts Ruby Adams
History (Josephine Detmer) Julia Fiori
Sportsmanship Emily Wagg and Oliver Burdick
Student Athlete Clara Sandberg and Luca Antolini
Peter D. Hamblin Four-Year Varsity Tri-Athlete Clara Sandberg and Anna Wildes
Visual Arts (Heather Brown) Eliza Goodwin, Ellis Dougherty, Ella Hannaford
Literary Scholarship (Barbara Freeman) Ian McClure-Chute
Writing (Dow Cup) Valerie Geldenhuys, Grace Devine
Irvil K. Pease Emily Wagg, Maren Wold
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