Congratulations to this year’s Upper School student award winners

Caring participation in the community is a fundamental value at Waynflete.  We believe such engagement promotes social welfare and justice in the world while cultivating important attitudes and meaningful connections for those who serve.  Each year, the faculty confers recognition to all eleventh and twelfth grade students who have distinguished themselves as community servants. Such distinction derives from a devotion to service, both in and outside of Waynflete, as indicated by dedication over time and a current level of involvement that exceeds school expectations.

Cum Laude Last Year
Tabarak Al Musawi, Ingrid Ansel-Mullen, Phoebe Hart, Maia Lindner-Liaw, Adelaide Lyall

Cum Laude New Seniors
Hannah Babcock, Arianna Coan-Prichard, Lily Fanburg, Quilla Flanagan-Burt, Annabel Huber, Charlotte Joseph, Ben Lualdi, Alex Saade, Sophie Sangster

Cum Laude New Juniors
Abigail Aleshire, Sophi Aronson, Thys Geldenhuys, Ian McClure-Chute

Community Service Last Year
Tabarak Al Musawi, Emi Boedeker, Perry Cohan-Smith, Maya DeLong, Charlotte Dupree, Lily Fanburg, Ben Fratoni, Georgia Goodman, Phoebe Hart, Em Irvine, Charlotte Joseph, Thorne Kieffer, Miles Lipton, Ben Lualdi, Adelaide Lyall, Musaid Mohammed, Chris Register, Alex Saade, Sophie Sangster, Grace Stone, Matty Sullivan

Community Service New Seniors
Tzevi Aho, Samia Aman, Jake Armentrout, Isaaq Bashir, Chloe Fisher, Carson Ford, Marie Monique Kabongo, Marietta Mallon, Sumner Meahl, Ben Musgrove, Caroline Routh, Damien Royer, Dora Russem, Gaia Santoro Lecchini, Milo Schair-Rigoletti, Finn Scott

Community Service New Juniors
Eva Abbott, Ruby Adams, Avis Akers, Luca Antolini, Eliza Barba-Wheelock, Finja Buhl, Julia Fiori, Xander Forsyth, Eliza Gervais, Eliza Goodwin, Ella Hannaford, Perla Ingabire, Andrew Johannen, Solomon Levy, Ian McClure-Chute, Lilu McNiff, Jocelyn Rodriguez, Max Ryan, Clara Sandberg, Sydney Sullivan, Tim Suszczynski, Nicholas Werner, Anna Wildes

Rotary Club Service Award
Jocelyn Rodriguez

Math (Margaret Chenery)
Adelaide Lyall

Science (Vergn Hewes)
Phoebe Hart

Linguistic Excellence in a World Language
Maia Lindner-Liaw, Ingrid Ansel-Mullen

Cultural Appreciation in a World Language
Thorne Kieffer, Charlotte Joseph

Performing Arts
Ben Millspaugh

History (Josephine Detmer)
Ingrid Ansel-Mullen, Alex Saadé

Musaid Mohammed, Lily Fanburg, Sophie Sangster

Student Athlete
Emi Boedeker, Miles Lipton

Peter D. Hamblin Four-Year Varsity Tri-Athlete
Emi Boedeker, Chloe Fisher, Burr Rhoads

Visual Arts (Heather Brown)
Milo Schair-Rigoletti

Literary Scholarship (Barbara Freeman)
Hannah Babcock

Writing (Dow Cup)
Arianna Coan-Prichard, Grace Stone

Irvil K. Pease
Samia Aman

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