Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder


Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder offers students in grades 8-12 opportunities to learn principles of ethical leadership from inspiring nonprofit leaders. Using a case study and field study approach, students discover the complexity of global challenges by working and learning alongside our trusted nonprofit partners.

As an SSTS Coalition school, the program offers opportunities for Waynflete's faculty to travel and learn about integrating global awareness into their work here at school. Shoulder-to-Shoulder’s hands-on service trips are open to students who want to actively engage in service learning. Trips take place in June and July in 11 diverse locations—three in the U.S., seven abroad, and one on the US-Mexico border.

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"After spending three weeks in Peru—my first time away from home—I felt like a completely different person. I gained insight into ways of living that I had never even imagined, and was granted the invaluable power to recognize how critical global connection and interaction is. SSTS was a pivotal experience that pushed me outside my comfort zone and helped me see the world in a completely different light."

-Elisabeth Lualdi '17

Waynflete Student Shoulder-to-Shoulder Testimonials

Julia Fiori '20 | Pine Ridge, South Dakota

"While there, we played with kids, made friendships, participated in ceremonies, and washed more dishes than I thought was possible. Every day promised a new adventure full of the beauty and sadness of life, love, and what it means to be a part of a community. Playing with the vibrant children whose smiles never failed to brighten our day, we learned that most were hiding something darker behind their smiles." Read Julia's full "Reflection."

Zoe Ruff '21 | Kenya

"I decided that Kenya had given me something infinitely more valuable: a perspective unfogged from the expectations I’d grown up surrounded by. That is what makes me unchangeable. I would only have been able to see why the country is simultaneously years ahead and years behind America when they can understand both ends of the scope. And I will care about a stranger as a human being without America sticking some naive label onto my love. That is something I am eternally grateful for."

Alex Saade '19 | Nicaragua

View the video of Alex Saade talking about his experience in Nicaragua.

Clara Sandberg '20 | Peru

"I’ve found myself talking about rocks a lot. I mean we did spend days and days rolling them down the mountains of Peru. People love to hear that aspect of the trip and how we were able to provide service to Peruvians who wouldn’t usually have it. ....I’ve been able to explain the logistics of the trip and the plot of stories to all of family and friends but it has almost been impossible for me to describe how it made me feel...My best guess would be amazement. "Read Clara's full "Reflection."

Nicholas Werner '20 | Nepal

"Coming out of the trip I feel an overwhelming sense of increased self-confidence, not only in my personal ability to navigate life, but an appreciation for others. I have made unique connections that have strengthened me as a person and extended my comfort and aspirations. It will continue to shape me as I move on to new and exciting experiences." Read Nick's full "Reflection."