Middle School

A seventh grader explores the marine biology of Casco Bay during LEAP week...a group of sixth graders act out a scene from George Orwell's Animal Farm before their English class...eighth grade science students' hairs stand on end—literally—as they conduct an experiment on electricity...boys and girls in music class play a Caribbean melody on the steel drums...an eighth grade girl reads freely from Latin text...

Whether engaged in English, history, science, math, foreign languages, computer skills, visual and performing arts, or athletics, Middle School students build upon their love for learning developed in the Lower School. The curriculum is carefully planned to be intellectually stimulating, develop a strong community culture, encourage proficiency in the arts, present a gradual progression toward competitive athletics, and offer a range of special curriculum programs and co-curricular activities.

Learning in the Middle School extends well beyond textbooks. History students master map skills. Extensive laboratory investigations form the basis of biology, earth science, and physical science. Latin, French, Spanish, and Chinese are all studied. A comprehensive arts program provides opportunities in music, drama, chorus, and steel drums, as well as the construction of 2-D and 3-D art. And our strong advising program complements the curriculum, exploring topics such as smoking, media literacy, and human rights.