Upper School

Every component of Waynflete's Upper School program is carefully thought-out to prepare students for success after graduation. We offer a challenging college-preparatory curriculum featuring small classes that foster close, interactive student/teacher relationships. Our outstanding teachers and courses help guide students to be passionate, self-directed learners by engaging their intellect and encouraging their imaginations.

Further empowering students as active learners is their growing choice to select areas of study. Ninth grade students may elect levels of challenge—intensive or regular courses—in English and science, as well as select a foreign language. With each year, students receive more choice in what they study, culminating in their senior year when their course load is mostly electives.

Students choose classes with guidance from their advisor and parents and with input from teachers, department chairs and others. Each March, students in grades 8 to 11 work with their advisor to select courses for the following year, and to map out the remainder of their high school careers. These plans are not binding, but they do help students make their choices. Before course selections are finalized, the advisor reviews this preliminary plan with parents during spring conferences.