Class of 2019 Senior Gift

Every year, families of the senior class have an opportunity to make gifts to Waynflete in celebration of their children's journey to graduation. Parents, grandparents, and extended family members find that the Senior Gift is a wonderful way to show gratitude for the life-long gift of a Waynflete education. The Senior Gift encourages new and increased support of the school.

Your Senior Gift is a direct investment in the Waynflete experience and a wonderful way to honor the work of the teachers who you and your child love.

Our hope is that each senior family will make a gift before June 30.

A Message From Our Chairs,
Tim Soley and Maria Gallace P ’19, ’15

This is a very special school year for our families as the Waynflete senior class prepares to graduate in June. For us—as for many families—this will be the final year that we have a child attending the school. After ten years as parents here, we will end our tenure at Merrill Auditorium as those in the Class of 2019 receive their diplomas. We are honored to chair this year’s Senior Gift in thanks for all that Waynflete has done for our sons Max and Jacob.

Waynflete has been a place where our sons have been intimately known. They have been encouraged to take risks and step outside their comfort zones. This could not have happened without the dedicated faculty and the thoughtful, trusting relationships they formed with our kids. As our boys move into the wider world, they do so with the strength and values of their Waynflete education. They will aim high and contribute unique points of view to their future communities. This is one of the many gifts that Waynflete has given them.

It is with deep gratitude that we lead this effort and make our own gift in honor of the senior class. We invite you to consider a donation that is meaningful for your family. Please join us.

Here’s to the Class of 2019!