Middle School Athletics

The Middle School Athletic Program is designed to introduce students to a variety of team sports. In sixth grade, students take Physical Education class four times a week. In this class, they are exposed to a variety of sports and focus on the basic skills needed in these sports. In seventh and eighth grades, students sign up for a team in each season (fall, winter, and spring). The teams compete in competitive games with local schools in the Portland area. All students are welcome to play and all students play in every game - there are no "cuts".

We have put together a few documents to help answer any questions you may have about the program:

Middle School Sports FAQs (updated often)

6th Grade Physical Education FAQs

7th & 8th Grade Sport Options by Season

Details on 7th & 8th Grade Sport Expectations and Practice/Game Times

Information about the Middle School Independent Athletic Program (IAP)

Athletics Information

Ross Burdick
Athletic Director
207.774.7863 ext. 1258
Athletic Hotline: 207.774.7863 ext. 1100

Home games for field sports, tennis, and baseball are played at the fore river fields. View map

view instructions for adding athletic calendar feeds and receiving text alerts.