Performing Arts


Waynflete's performing arts program inspires students to discover, develop, and express their innate creativity by cultivating skills in music, dance, and theatre. The department fosters active engagement in the performing arts at all levels of experience by offering foundational tools as well as in-depth opportunities. Through the performance process, students gain skills in creativity, collaboration, discipline, and self-confidence that will serve them in all aspects of their lives and fuel a lifelong engagement with the arts.

Performing Arts and music opportunities are found throughout a student's experience regardless of grade.


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Lower School

The Lower School music program works to foster an environment in which students develop musical literacy through active, creative participation in individual and group experiences; gain understanding of our rich musical heritage and those of other cultures; and develop an appreciation of the connections between music and other forms of artistic expression. Incorporated into these guiding principles are pertinent areas of study as defined by the State and National Standards for arts education. These include: listening, creating/improvising, movement, rhythm, singing, reading and writing notation, playing instruments, and evaluating and understanding artistic culture.

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Middle School

Middle School students gain hand-on experiences in music and theater through their involvement in the performing arts. These experiences are designed so students learn basic skills and concepts through group activities that ready them for performances. The curriculum for all students includes Drama, Steel Band, Voice, and Dance in preparation for a culminating eighth grade musical workshop performance. Students elect to participate in Chorus, Jazz Band, Chamber Group, Comedy Improv, Playwriting, and Back Stage Crew during performing arts workshops during the school day periods. Formal Music concerts are presented in the Winter and Spring and informally during the year.

Middle School Drama Club provides students an opportunity to develop skills in acting through theatre games and the process of rehearsing and performing a play. It is open to middle school students with or with out prior experience. All students are cast in the production and may also work on the technical aspects of the show. Drama club meets every Wednesday, beginning in the Fall.

Past productions have included The Emperor's New Clothes, A Comic Book Artist, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Pushcart War, Mything Links (a musical version of the Odyssey) and The Tempest.

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Upper School

The performing arts curriculum offers courses for students who want to specialize in dance, music, or acting. The Department also produces two plays each year and a musical or a one-act play every other year. Courses includes Music History and Music Theory and Acting. Student may elect to participate in a range of classes and ensembles including Chorus, Jazz Band, Chamber Group, A Cappella, and Stage Crew. Formal music concerts are presented in the Winter and Spring and informally during the year, while dance concerts are performed three times per year.

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