Performing Arts


Waynflete's performing arts program inspires students to discover, develop, and express their innate creativity by cultivating skills in music, dance, and theatre. The department fosters active engagement in the performing arts at all levels of experience by offering foundational tools as well as in-depth opportunities. Through the performance process, students gain skills in creativity, collaboration, discipline, and self-confidence that will serve them in all aspects of their lives and fuel a lifelong engagement with the arts.

Performing Arts and music opportunities are found throughout a student's experience regardless of grade.


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Lower School

The Lower School music program works to foster an environment in which students develop musical literacy through active, creative participation in individual and group experiences; gain understanding of our rich musical heritage and those of other cultures; and develop an appreciation of the connections between music and other forms of artistic expression. Incorporated into these guiding principles are pertinent areas of study as defined by the State and National Standards for arts education. These include: listening, creating/improvising, movement, rhythm, singing, reading and writing notation, playing instruments, and evaluating and understanding artistic culture.

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Middle School

Middle School students explore the performing arts through hands-on experiences in dance, drama, music, and production technology. These experiences encourage students to take risks, learn and apply skills through group activities, prepare for performance, and expand their understanding of the arts as powerful vehicles for self-expression. In addition to courses in dance, drama, general music, and production technology, students participate in performing ensembles. Each ensemble appears at two formal concerts and/or as part of informal sharings for the Middle School community throughout the year.

The Enrichment Program Drama Club provides students an opportunity to develop skills in acting through theatre games and the process of rehearsing and performing a play. It is open to students in grades 4-8, with or without prior experience. All students are cast in the production and may also work on the technical aspects of the show. Dancers in grades 6-8 can develop their skills in dance composition through the Enrichment Program Dance Choreography Workshop. Student choreography generated in the workshop is presented at one formal dance concert per semester.

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Upper School

The performing arts curriculum offers courses for students to continue their exploration of acting, dance, music, and production technology. The program includes three theatrical productions a year that align with the athletic seasons. The theatre season typically follows a two-year cycle: A musical and two plays in one year; two plays and a one-act play (for participation in the Maine Theatre Festival) in the second year. Interested students have the opportunity to support all three productions as well as formal music and dance concerts as members of Stage Crew.

Courses includes Real World Performing Arts, Music History, Music Theory, Acting and Production Technology. Music ensembles include Chamber Ensemble, Chorus, and Jazz Band. Dancers may participate in the Danceflete Collective through the Upper School physical education offerings. Students in music ensembles and Danceflete collective are featured at two major concerts per year and make additional appearances at school events such as Convocation, Commencement, and the New England Youth Identity Summit.

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