At what grade levels are there openings?

Students enter the Waynflete community at every grade level, and are encouraged to apply for any grade. The grades expand in Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade Four, Grade Six, and Grade Nine.

When should I begin the application process?

Parent and student visits for applicants to Middle and Upper School begin in mid-October, and commence on November 1 for applicants to the Lower School. We encourage families to both visit the school and submit application materials in a timely manner. The majority of students complete their applications by February 10. The Admission Office will notify first-round applicants on March 10. Families who apply later will be notified within several weeks of completing the admission process. For details see the Admission Timeline.

We recommend that you wait to distribute recommendation forms and transcript/progress report requests to your child's current school until after the first marking period to allow teachers to get to know their students. We encourage families interested in learning about Waynflete for the future to contact the Admission Office at 207.274.5224 to schedule a visit to campus. We also invite students and parents to attend our Admission event offerings to experience firsthand different aspects of our program.

What should my child bring when visiting Waynflete for the day?

Lunch is provided for visitors spending the full day on campus. Lower School visitors should plan to bring clothing appropriate for outdoor play (boots, raincoat, snowpants, hats and mittens), as students participate in recess in all kinds of weather. Lower School visitors should also bring a mid-morning snack, a pair of sneakers for physical education class, and a silent reading book. Middle and Upper School visitors may also wish to bring a book in case of any quiet time in classes they are visiting. Sneakers are also encouraged in case students visit a physical education class. Please note that Waynflete does not have a student dress code, so students are welcome to dress comfortably.

What if my child enters in a “non-entry-level” year?

We have students enter the community in non-entry level grades each year with great success. There are a number of programs to support children new to the community at every grade. For example, all students are assigned an advisor upon entry to the school. Advisors serve as the main contact for families, and also develop strong relationships with their advisees. Advisors not only work closely with the student throughout the school year, but also pay close attention to students as they enter the school to ensure a good transition. Various orientation programs and welcoming events also occur in the fall to welcome new students and orient them to Waynflete.

Does my child have to take a standardized test to enter Waynflete?

We do not require a standardized admission test, however for Middle and Upper School applicants SSAT testing is accepted as part of the application, if available. For other applicants, we often receive testing from the sending school and will consider that as part of the application. We take into consideration an applicant's academic, physical, social/emotional development and character. We use observation, interviews, transcripts, and in-depth recommendations to achieve this.

What is the length of the school day?

Students begin arriving at Waynflete at 8:00 a.m. The academic day starts at 8:15 a.m. Classes in the Lower and Middle Schools run until 3:25 p.m. The Upper School schedule rotates on a daily basis; the focus shifts to arts and athletics after 2:00 p.m., with the school day ending at 3:25 p.m. Wednesdays are half days at Waynflete, with classes ending at 12:10 p.m. for all grades. Afterschool programs are available every day, beginning at school dismissal and running until 6:00 p.m.

We live quite a distance from Waynflete. What sort of transportation is available?

Students come from approximately 48 towns in Southern and Coastal Maine, and bus transportation is available in many of these communities. For specific information about routes and rates, please contact the Admission Office at 207.274.5224. In addition to bus transportation, many families participate in carpools to and from the School.

What world languages are taught at Waynflete?

Lower School students begin studying Spanish in Preschool, and continue their study of the language and Spanish-speaking cultures through the fifth grade. All sixth-grade students at Waynflete take at least one year of Latin. We believe that a year of Latin is a good preparation for a rigorous study of English as well as the Romance languages, and ties in well with the sixth-grade study of Greece and Rome. It also puts all sixth graders, new and returning, at the same place in the curriculum as they begin Middle School together. Following sixth grade, students may choose to study French, Spanish, Latin, or Chinese (Mandarin).

My child is currently at a school in which his class is larger than the entire Waynflete Upper School. Will he find the athletics competitive enough?

Waynflete junior varsity and varsity athletes compete in more than a dozen sports in the Western Maine Conference including soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, cross country, swimming, tennis, field hockey, ice hockey, nordic skiing, golf, track, and crew. In the past ten years, Waynflete teams have earned a number of championships in their division (34 Conference, 46 Regional, and 36 State). High school students also have the option of meeting their athletic requirement through physical education classes such as weight training and yoga. Students may also participate in an approved independent athletic program in a sport or physical activity not offered by the School.

Will removing my child from our local school remove him/her from the community?

Students at Waynflete come from approximately 48 towns in Southern and Coastal Maine. Parents have found that their children are able to join in and participate in the Waynflete community and remain a part of their town community by participating in league sports teams, town recreational activities, religious organizations, and local clubs.

In addition to Waynflete's tuition, what extra costs can I expect to pay?

Materials for academic classes (including books, art supplies, etc.) are included in the cost of tuition. Families should expect extra costs from participating in the transportation program or if they order lunches from the School Cafe.

Is community service required at Waynflete?

Yes, all Waynflete students participate in service projects. Students in our Lower School learn about stewardship in Preschool and continue to focus on community projects throughout their elementary years. In Middle and Upper School, advising groups develop community service projects on which they work throughout the school year. In addition, several days are set aside during the year for community service work. In Upper School, there is an individual community service requirement.

Why doesn't Waynflete offer Advanced Placement classes?

In keeping with its mission of depth of inquiry, Waynflete offers college-level electives rather than Advanced Placement courses to 11th and 12th graders. However, students in many of our elective classes in the Upper School prepare for (and perform well on) Advanced Placement exams. Waynflete also offers 9th and 10th graders a choice of Intensive courses (designed for students who are interested in covering topics in greater depth) in English and the Sciences. The Math Department also offers accelerated classes for students with a strong interest in and facility for mathematics.