TIME in Maine 2.0

TIME in Maine 2.0: Educating with Presence

This year’s one-day summer workshop, Educating with Presence, will be held on July 11 from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

Our true impact as educators stems from the way students feel in our presence. Many of us are seeking to revitalize content in the digital age, engage disparate learning styles, and boost student confidence despite sensing a rising tide of anxiety and pressure for students and colleagues alike. The impact of world events, incidences of school violence, and pace of modern life can disrupt our best efforts to establish a healthy work-life balance and the critical self-care routines necessary to bring our full selves to teaching. Mindfulness practices offer us a cost-effective and long term strategy to develop resilience, mental flexibility, reduced reactivity, and increased emotional well-being for ourselves and our students.

This summer, we invite new and former TIME workshop participants to join us for a day of self-care, useful classroom strategies, and collegial conversation about showing up and being fully present for ourselves and our students.

More about TIME in Maine

Teachings in Mindful Education (TIME in Maine) provides professional opportunities for educators seeking to shift the nature of teaching and learning culture in schools to one that prioritizes wellbeing and relationships as a foundation for academic rigor. Open to educators at every level of service from classroom teaching to administration and higher ed, TIME workshops offer a rich experiential immersion in mindfulness practices, training in self-awareness, and an opportunity to deepen the collegial relationships at the heart of positive school cultures.

FMI: time@waynflete.org

Scholarships available. Contact Lydia Maier (lmaier@waynflete.org).


Katie Byrnes PhD: Board President of the Mindfulness in Education Network

Bernie Hershberger PhD: Director of Counseling and Wellness Program at Bowdoin College

Erica Marcus, MAT: Founder of Wise Minds. Big Hearts.

Lydia Maier LCSW MBA: Director of Student Affairs at Waynflete School

Carol Wishcamper: Organizational Development Consultant to schools and non-profit organizations

What others have said about TIME in Maine:

"Every single piece of this was a gift. In particular, the faculty made this experience by not only bringing your practices, understandings, and wisdom but by bringing your whole selves. What a tremendous and powerful model!"

"I gained valuable insights into mind and body and their effects on my own well-being. I acquired some new skills and attitudes to support myself. I gathered valuable resources to utilize in my lesson planning and I am making connections with this work with what I already do in my classroom. I really value the concepts of 'enough' and living the change I want to see happen."

"I love the whole person, whole community, whole world aspect within the training. The self-care, restoration, and communal respect of the natural surroundings really reminded me of how important this is for me as a part of self-care. I didn't know how much this was missing in my life until this weekend here with all of the teachings, practices, and connections. Self-care and care for the natural world has been re-ignited for me and it reminds me of the connection we all have with each other."

FMI: time@waynflete.org