Flyers Camp Programs by Type

Welcome to Waynflete Flyers Camp! The following list explains the types of programs you will find at Flyers Camp 2019.

Out & About Camps - Weeks 2-7 (June 17 to July 26)

Through Out & About camps, our older campers venture off campus daily to explore the broader community and expand perspectives. Out & About campers start each day with a morning field trip. Coastal Sketchbook Adventures, and Dungeons and Dragons will travel the Maine coast and countryside. After a picnic lunch and free play in a scenic spot, campers will return to Waynflete’s campus for a variety of engaging planned activities, games, and studio time. Morning field trips will include nearby locations such as: Mackworth Island, Fort Williams Park, Gilsland Farm, local beaches, and shoreline.

Local Eats campers will spend mornings visiting the local farms, fisheries, culinary artisans, and area markets that make Portland special. After gathering their ingredients, young chefs will return to campus to prepare delicious, healthy dishes and snacks -- and some desserts too! Afternoons on campus will include time for campers to create a collection of favorite local recipes.

The Eco-Explorers program for K-1s offers experiential learning in nature for our youngest campers.

EC Flyers - Weeks 1-7 (June 10 to July 26)

Weekly themes thread together our daily K-1 activities. Our light-hearted summertime activities provide focus and fun within a more consistent and structured daily schedule for our youngest campers.

K-1 Camp - Weeks 2-7 (June 17 to July 26)

Age-appropriate activities and games offer a structured balance of outdoor exploration, creative movement, free play, craft and science projects for this active age group. (Weeks 3, 5, and 7, nature-curious K-1s may alternatively choose our "Out & About" K-1 Eco-Explorers program, see above.)

Camps On-Campus - Weeks 2-7 (June 17 to July 26)

Sports Camps - Weeks 1-7 (June 10 to July 26)

Waynflete offers a variety of half- and full-day sports camps

  • Basketball (weeks 1, 5, 6) - on campus (Gym)
  • Soccer (weeks 2, 3, 4) - Fore River Fields
  • Tennis (weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7) - Fore River Fields
  • Baseball, juniors (weeks 4, 5) - changing from basketball to baseball week 5 - Fore River Fields
  • Gymnastics (weeks 4, 5) - on campus (Gym)