Packing Lists

It is important for all of our students to be well-prepared with the proper clothing and equipment. Please consult the list for the trip you are going on.

If you are unsure of which trip you are on, or if you have questions about gear, please contact Blake Keogh at

If there are any items you do not have, please let us know by filling out the Gear Request Form. We will provide any gear you need, as long as gear requests are made by August 15.

Gear Request Form:

Gear Lists

Grade 9 Trip

Grade 10 - Bigelow Traverse (E/W) 

Grade 10 - Mount Katahdin 

Grade 10 - Mount Washington Day Hikes 

Grade 10 - Rattle River to Carter Hut  

Grade 10 - Presidential Traverse (N/S) 

Grade 10 - AMC Day Hikes 

Grades 10/11 - Boston Urban Service

Grades 10/11 - Portland Urban Service 

Grade 11 - Acadia National Park Biking

Grade 11 - Canoeing

Grade 11 - Stonington & Casco Bay Kayaking