Faculty Support

The Waynflete Fund supports faculty salaries, benefits, and professional growth opportunities.

Student support

The Waynflete Fund ensures that students demonstrating need can attend and participate in all programs.

Facilities & Technology

The Waynflete Fund helps equip every classroom at Waynflete with essential tools for optimal learning.

Where the need is greatest

The Waynflete Fund enables the school to direct funds where they are most needed during the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Waynflete need to raise money through the Waynflete Fund?

Tuition does not cover the full cost of a Waynflete education. To bridge the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses, we depend on tax-deductible gifts from our community. The Waynflete Fund supports a portion of the operating budget each year and enables us to provide an exceptional education while keeping tuition as affordable as possible.

When should I make a gift?

The Waynflete Fund runs from July 1 through June 30. Since all gifts to the Fund are used during the year in which they are received, they must be renewed each year. We particularly appreciate gifts and pledges to the Waynflete Fund earlier in the school year as they let us know what we can count on. These funds can also be put to use immediately.

What is the Waynflete Fund, and what does it support?

The Waynflete Fund is the difference between a good education and a great education. It supports students and faculty and strengthens our educational programs, curriculum, and extracurricular activities. Tax-deductible gifts to the Waynflete Fund become part of the operating budget and are used to cover a range of essential needs like equipment, technology, faculty salaries and benefits, experiential learning, professional development, financial aid, campus maintenance, and program development.

How can I give?

Gifts can be made via check, cash, securities, or credit card. Donors can also pledge their support and fulfill it later—anytime before June 30. Give online at waynflete.org/give, by mail, or by visiting the Development and Alumni Relations Office on the second floor of Thomas House.

May I designate how my gift to the Waynflete Fund is used?

Yes! Donors may designate their Waynflete Fund gift to the particular area of the school's operations that they find most meaningful, including faculty support (support salaries, benefits, and professional growth opportunities for all Waynflete teachers); student support (ensure that students demonstrating financial need can attend Waynflete and participate fully in the school's programs and activities); facilities and technology (ensure that all Waynflete facilities and technologies are well-maintained and support our students, teachers, and programs); and wherever the need is greatest (undesignated gifts can be used across the full Waynflete program, allowing the school flexibility to direct funds where they are needed most urgently).

How do corporate matching gifts work?

Matching gifts are a simple way to increase your support for Waynflete. If your company sponsors a matching gift program, please request a matching gift form from your employer and send the completed form together with your gift to Waynflete. Your matching gift will be counted toward your total contribution to the Waynflete Fund. Ask your Human Resources Department about matching gift programs.

Why should I make Waynflete a charitable priority?

Our donors have many reasons for making Waynflete a charitable priority. For most current parents and grandparents, Waynflete is one of the only nonprofit organizations that directly affects their children and grandchildren on a day-to-day basis. You honor the great work of the teachers you and your child love.
Many alumni donors recall their time at Waynflete as having been life-changing, and they know that alumni support made a big difference when they were students. No matter why you give to Waynflete, you can do so knowing that every charitable dollar counts and supports the school's mission.

Why doesn't Waynflete raise tuition to cover the full cost of education?

Making a Waynflete education affordable to as many families as possible is a key tenet of the school's philosophy. The increase in tuition rates that would be necessary to fully fund our current program would limit even further the number of families who could afford to attend. This would decrease enrollment and lead to fewer programs. In addition, a for-profit business can cut costs through consolidation and streamlining. To employ these strategies at a mission-driven school like Waynflete would require reducing faculty or combining classrooms. This would diminish our ability to provide the individual attention and quality of education that everyone wants and expects for Waynflete students.

How much does Waynflete expect me to give?

We ask everyone to give at a level that feels personally significant and meaningful. Some donors give $25; others give $25,000. More important than the size of each gift, though, is the overall level of community participation. High participation rates by members of our community, including parents, alumni, faculty and staff, grandparents, and former parents, demonstrate confidence in our mission and help us secure critical funding from other sources, including foundations. Gifts of $2,500 or more in a single year are considered Leadership Gifts; donors at that level and above receive special recognition from the Board of Trustees.

Are there other giving opportunities outside of the Waynflete Fund?

Although the Waynflete Fund is the school's highest philanthropic priority, there are other ways to support the school, including endowment funds, capital campaigns, and planned giving. To learn more, please contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office at 207-774-5721, ext. 1221.