Endowment List

General Endowments
General Operations
Endowment for Financial Aid
Endowment for Teaching
Financial Aid Campaign Endowment

Named Endowments

Established 2016The Cathie Connors Fund for Financial Aid
Established 2016The Cathie Connors Fund for Athletics
Established 2016The Torrey Fund
Established 2015The Josephine H. Detmer '47 Endowment
Fund for History
The Patricia Davis Klingenstein '47 Fund
for Financial Aid
Established 2013

The Mark W. Segar Endowment for Financial Aid
The Lydia Maier Endowment for Emotional and Social Wellness
Established 2012Class of 2012 Endowment in Support of
Upper School Activities
The Waynflete Faculty and Staff Endowment
Established 2011The Malone Family Foundation Endowment
Established 2010Cinda Bailey Joyce Endowment: A Financial Aid
Fund to Enhance Lower School Diversity
Established 2009Class of 2009 Graduation Gift Endowment for
Professional Development
Margaret W. Soule, Class of 1959 Endowment
for the Archives
Established 2006Class of 2006 Graduation Gift Endowment for
Financial Aid
Established 2005Class of 2005 endowment for Non-Tuition Related
Student Services
Established 2004The Patricia Davis Klingenstein Class of 1947
Endowment for the Waynflete Library
Established 2003Pam Paul Endowment for Professional Development
Established 2002Class of 2002 Endowment for Health Services
The Karen Whitney Fund for Modern U.S. History,
Government and Current Affairs
Established 1999Endowment for Academic Support
Student Foreign Travel Endowment
Established 1998Endowment for the Arts
Endowment for Minority Students and Faculty
Exemplary Teaching Award Endowed Fund
Financial Aid Challenge Endowment
Established 1996Ruth Bailey Blinn Davis Endowed Fund
Zo King Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Arts
Established 1993E.E. Ford Foundation Challenge for Faculty Development
Established 1989Fund for Global Understanding
Established 1988Louise Dodge Stoddard Fund for the Study of Foreign
Languages and Culture
Payson Trust Endowment Award for Faculty