The Arts Center

The Waynflete Arts Center and Joan Sayward Franklin '46 Theater is the School's first "green" building, and it was awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver certification for the construction project.

LEED certification is a standard for the sustainable design of buildings; a rating system created by the United States Green Building Council used to reach various certification levels. Embarking on the project, Waynflete decided to seek LEED certification because of the growing demand on campus and in the surrounding community for environmentally responsible conduct. Waynflete has always been committed to environmental stewardship, so the added costs of going "green" in the construction of the Arts Center are balanced by the long-term cost benefits.

Waynflete's Arts Center incorporates many sustainable elements, such as energy efficient heating and cooling systems, carbon dioxide sensors to regulate ventilation based on occupancy, daylight sensors, light pollution reduction, use of natural light, low water use, use of Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, insulation made from recycled newsprint, low VOC paint, a "cool" roof to reduce the "heat island effect," priority parking for fuel efficient vehicles, and erosion control.

Click here to find the entrance to the Arts Center (marked with a red dot).