Tuition Assistance FAQs

What percentage of families currently receive tuition assistance at Waynflete?

39% of current Waynflete families receive tuition assistance. We currently offer over $4 million in tuition assistance awards.

What comprises a tuition assistance award at Waynflete?

Waynflete tuition assistance awards are need-based grants that are applied towards tuition. There is no requirement for a family to repay tuition assistance grants they receive.

Does tuition assistance cover other school expenses?

Tuition assistance at Waynflete covers tuition, which includes textbooks. Co-curricular activities and most sports are free of any additional cost to families. A list of additional expenses a Waynflete family may incur which are not covered by tuition assistance are listed below. Any related questions may be directed to the Admission Office.

  • Transportation: Rates vary. A rate sheet is available from Waynflete's Admission Office.
  • Academic Tutoring: Waynflete's Academic Support Center provides tutoring for students who, in the School's judgment, need additional assistance in meeting the School's academic standards. Rates will be discussed in the early stages of implementing an academic support plan.
  • Afterschool Enrichment Program (Pre-K through Grade 8): Rates vary. Please contact Waynflete's Admission Office for further details.

Could an application for tuition assistance impact the admission decision?

It might. By applying for tuition assistance a family enters a more competitive segment of the applicant pool. The School may not extend an offer of admission if we cannot also offer adequate financial assistance. Waynflete has a substantial tuition assistance budget of over $4 million but annually receives more requests for assistance than can be met. Families are asked to apply for tuition assistance only after they have considered all of their other available resources.

How does the school determine the amount of tuition assistance a family receives?

As a starting point, Waynflete uses School and Student Services (SSS), a "need analysis" offered through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). In addition to household income, factors used to determine a family’s need include assets, debt, number of children in a tuition-charging school, age of parents, unusual expenses, and national economic factors.

The Tuition Assistance Committee assesses each individual family’s financial situation. By filing a thorough and accurate Parents' Financial Statement (PFS), the methodology used by SSS is an important starting point for the School. In addition to the SSS guidelines, assessment by the Tuition Assistance Committee is completed with degrees of professional judgment, in accordance with the School’s mission and policies.

When offering tuition assistance, the School’s intent is to meet each family’s demonstrated need to the extent available funds allow. Waynflete and SSS believe a family has the primary obligation to finance their child’s education. We expect families to make every effort to contribute as much as they can towards tuition and encourage families to carefully determine the maximum family contribution they can afford. This helps the School extend our resources to the greatest number of families.

When calculating tuition assistance, is having other children in tuition-charging schools taken into consideration?

The application for tuition assistance (PFS) asks how many children in a family will attend a tuition charging school. The total funds available for education (Estimated Family Contribution) are then divided by the number of children attending tuition-charging schools.

For Example: An applicant's Estimated Family Contribution is $23,250. The family reports three children attending tuition-charging schools next year. The Estimated Family Contribution per child will be $7,750. If one child decides to not attend a tuition-charging school, the family contribution per child will change.

Waynflete expects families will apply for assistance at each of the schools their children attend and we will take into account differing levels of tuition. Copies of awards from other schools may be requested.

Can more than one child be considered for tuition assistance on a family's application?

Parents may include multiple applicants for tuition assistance on the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) form. When applying, the PFS should be carefully completed in this regard.

If a family receives tuition assistance could their award change from one year to the next?

Families receiving tuition assistance must reapply each year, as a family's need is calculated annually. If financial circumstances remain consistent, a family can expect their award to be renewed for at least the same amount as the previous year. If a significant change in demonstrated need is experienced, a family’s award may be adjusted. To better understand their calculated need each year families are encouraged to review their Family Report available on the SSS website after the application (PFS) is filed.

Can current Waynflete families not receiving tuition assistance apply for assistance?

Though all families may apply for assistance, Waynflete’s first commitment is to maintain the awards of families already receiving financial assistance. Currently enrolled families who are planning to submit a tuition assistance application for the first time should contact the Admission Office before completing any paperwork and refer to Waynflete’s Tuition Assistance Policy and Procedure document available on the School’s website.

What paperwork is needed from separated or divorced parents?

The Tuition Assistance Committee requires that each biological/custodial parent separately submit a Parents Financial Statement (PFS) and supporting paperwork. If a biological/custodial parent is remarried or cohabitating, spouses or partners should be included on that parent’s PFS and supporting tuition assistance paperwork should be submitted. When determining an award, the Tuition Assistance Committee will consider the assets of all biological/custodial parties. Families can provide context they feel is important on their PFS or by directly speaking with a member of the admission office.

Under the following circumstances, the School will consider waiving the requirement of receiving a PFS and supporting paperwork from a biological parent:

  1. Documentation is provided that states the location of the non-custodial parent is unknown.
  2. Documentation is provided that the non-custodial parent has given no financial support and has had no significant contact with the family in the recent past.
Documentation will be accepted from a lawyer, member of the clergy, doctor or any such objective person outside the immediate family.

What paperwork is needed from self-employed parents?

On the application for tuition assistance (PFS) Question 6G will ask "Are you a full proprietor of, or partner in, one or more businesses or farms?" Parents who are self-employed should answer "Yes" and then complete all subsequent questions that appear. A copy of the most recent Federal income tax returns should be submitted, with all Schedules. If filed, a copy of the most recent Corporate tax return should also be submitted.

When can families expect a tuition assistance decision?

For current Waynflete families every effort will be made to finalize and mail updated award letters within a week of them receiving re-enrollment contracts. Those families who do not submit paperwork by stated deadlines may experience a delay in their tuition assistance award. For new families, the decision regarding

tuition assistance is typically sent with letters of acceptance. Families who apply and do not qualify for assistance are notified as soon as possible. In all cases, the Tuition Assistance Committee only reviews tuition assistance files which are complete.

Will a tuition assistance decision be delayed if a parent's most recent Federal tax return has not been filed?

The School will initially review federal tax returns for the previous year (2016). Most families will not have completed their most recent federal tax return (2017) by our January 10 tuition assistance application deadline. A copy of 2016 returns should be submitted as soon as they are filed. Parents should complete the PFS using estimated tax information, and check the "Estimated" box on the PFS form. Copies of most recent W2 or 1099 Forms should be submitted as soon they are received, and no later then early February.

Our friends received more tuition assistance from Waynflete than we did. Our financial pictures are similar and we would like to discuss the decision made on our award. How can we proceed?

In this case it is important to understand that confidentiality has been broken. Tuition assistance is a private agreement between Waynflete and a family. Discussing details of an award with another party is a breach of that privacy and the School's policies on confidentiality. In addition, most families are unaware of all details of another's financial picture and therefore all the variables considered by the Tuition Assistance Committee in the award process. If a family feels pertinent and factual information about their own resources and/or financial picture might have been overlooked or misunderstood by the Committee, they may contact the Admission Office.

In the near future we are anticipating a significant drop in income for reasons beyond our control. Is there a way to account for this on our application?

Tuition assistance calculations are primarily based on income already earned. The Parents Financial Statement (PFS) does ask applicants to report projected earnings and Waynflete will consider anticipated changes in income when determining tuition assistance awards.

What if a parent plans to return to school or start a business in the near future?

Though we keep in mind parents may make decisions they feel will benefit them in the longer-term, if not immediately, voluntarily reducing household income will typically not be viewed as an increase in financial need. For current Waynflete families receiving assistance, the School will generally use the ability to pay one year as an indicator of the amount a family can pay in subsequent years. Families facing extenuating circumstances may directly speak with a member of the Admission Office when completing their application for tuition assistance (PFS Form).

We have invested in rental properties, largely as an alternative to a traditional retirement fund. How will this be viewed on our application for tuition assistance?

In general, property reported on your income taxes remains largely “unprotected” in the process of calculating tuition assistance. Rental income as well as the value of a property are considered. The Tuition Assistance Committee will fully review a family's financial profile, including provisions made for retirement, and make decisions in accordance with the School's polices and sense of fairness.

Our income is through a limited partnership corporation (or limited liability company). Our Federal tax return reflects modest total earnings/profit. Overall, how will the tuition assistance committee view our financial picture?

The Tuition Assistance Committee will carefully review personal and corporate tax forms, including profit income, debt and all held assets. As paperwork is reviewed the committee will ask for any needed clarification.

How does the Tuition Assistance Committee view Trusts or Education Funds which are in a child's name?

Waynflete’s Tuition Assistance Committee follows School and Service (SSS) guidelines. SSS requests information about a student’s financial assets on the Parents Financial Statement (PFS) and may determine a contribution by dividing the current worth of the asset by the number of years remaining in independent school plus four years of college. When determining tuition assistance awards, savings, investments, trust-funds, 529 Plans, or other assets in a student’s name or being held for a student will be carefully reviewed and considered.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please feel free to contact Ed Knoll, Associate Dean of Admission and Tuition Assistance, with any questions regarding the tuition assistance application process. Ed can be reached at 207.774.5721, Ext 1396 or at

Please contact School and Student Services (SSS) help line at 800-344-8328 with any questions that emerge when completing the online tuition assistance application (PFS form) or to check on receipt of required documents. The SSS help line is available Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm, and Saturday, 9am-4pm.