Grade 11 - Term Papers

EMILY IS STILL HERE TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR RESEARCH! Visit Emily's Research Help Desk 9:00-11:30am daily or by appointment. 

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of high quality reference books. It is a great starting point for your research.To access it from home, you need the password.

Waynflete Library Catalog: Our little library has lots of good books for you. Try searching the catalog, but don't stop there. We can help you find more using indices and reference sources. Log in using your Google ID and barcode number from your ID badge.

New York Times Archive provides full access to past NY Times articles since 1851. To gain access, you must set up an account. You may also want to download the app for your device.

Proquest US News Stream includes full-text newspaper articles from around the country dating back to the 1980s.

US History Collection offers access to academic journals, books, newspapers and more about US History topics. 

JSTOR is awesome, but notoriously difficult to search. It has hundreds of thousands of journal articles dating back more than 100 years. To search JSTOR, we highly recommend using Google with a search limiter. Simply add "" to any Google search. There is no need to log in when you are on campus, but if we set up an account for you, you can save articles and searches. Let us know if you'd like an account. To access it from home, you need the password

Interlibrary Loan is very useful for many of your topics. The challenge is that most books are due back just two weeks after we get them. Because of this, we recommend waiting until you are really ready to buckle down on your paper to request ILL books. You can also go to your local public library or the Portland Public Library (We can help you get a card). Just keep an eye on due dates so you don't get hit with fines.

Gale OneFile Information Science provides full-text reviews of books published in the last twenty years. If you need to prepare an annotated bibliography, this could be very helpful.