At Waynflete, we believe that using technology to support the academic curriculum not only provides students with increasingly necessary life skills but also broadens and deepens student learning. Computers and other mobile technologies are used to foster skills that are critical to success in the classroom: creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.


Upper School students use technology to enhance many aspects of their learning. Students are not expected to bring a laptop or iPad to school everyday but they will need a device and Internet access to complete homework at home. At school, students have access to laptop carts or laptops to loan from the library. Students are given Google accounts which includes access to Google email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and more. Teachers use Schoology to post homework, videos, class discussions, and other class resources.


Teachers also introduce technologies and programs that can help support, challenge, and engage students. New technologies and programs enable us to:

  • increase differentiation and student-centered learning,
  • incorporate open-ended and project-based learning activities,
  • provide more fluid and flexible access to learning tools,
  • allow for authentic documentation of student progress, and
  • tailor organizational tools to the individual.