Waynflete's advising curriculum addresses the specific needs of children along the entire fifteen-year age range of the School. Designed to facilitate strong connections between students and advisors, small advising groups focus on developmentally appropriate topics that touch on self-awareness, community membership and stewardship. The strength of this curriculum relies on the bond established between the advisor and the student.

In Upper School, the faculty advisor is central to each student's academic and social growth. In addition to gathering each morning, advising groups meet weekly for lunch and participate together in community service three times each year. The advisor provides the primary communication link between the school, student and family, holding at least two conferences a year with parents and serving as the student's advocate on campus. Students may choose a new advisor at the end of each school year or keep the same advisor throughout their high school experience.

Advisors are the primary guide for students as they navigate their individual curriculum, co-curricular offerings, and social and emotional lives. A student begins each day by checking in with his or her advisor in addition to joining the larger advising group for lunch and discussion or activities with the advisor once a week. Designated times are set aside during the year so students have time one on one with advisors to discuss progress, consider course selections for the following year, and set goals. These conversations help each student make choices about how best to grow and be challenged as a learner (and also help with the college application process).

Grade-level teams design a day-long program in February devoted to a specific theme. Ninth grade looks at peer support; tenth grade - introduction to community service and homelessness; eleventh and twelfth grade healthy relationships and dating abuse prevention.