Co-Curricular Activities

Waynflete’s Co-Curricular Activities Program creates diverse opportunities in the arts, community service, and other endeavors. Each week we designate two blocks of time for this program, which allows students to enjoy at least one activity and possibly more depending on his/her schedule. Most of the activities are sponsored by members of the Upper School faculty.


A majority of our activities are service-related and many have been initiated by students.

A.C.E. Active Community Engagement
The world needs students who are prepared to act and become involved in community work - in local organizations and on campus. This student led group sponsors a breakfast shift at Preble St. Resource Center on Saturdays once a month and helps out with Furniture Friends, bake sales and cookouts for local service organizations. We will support specific projects students want to start and invite guest speakers to share how they are working to make Portland and the world a better place.

Chinese Culture Club
The mission of the Chinese Culture Club is to learn about China’s rich culture, ancient and modern, and to share some of what we learn with the greater school community. Some of the topics we will explore include Chinese holidays, traditional handicrafts such as paper-cutting and calligraphy, the Chinese Zodiac, regional cuisine and more. We will engage in many hands-on activities, including cooking some of China’s most popular and well-known dishes. Ultimately, we hope to host a Chinese New Year party for the Upper School. No language experience is necessary to join this club!

Coding Club
Coding club is a club designed for both individual and group exploration in coding; we might do some intro coding as a group but there will certainly be time for members to work on their own projects. We will experiment with different languages, for example JavaScript and Python, and once a month we will have a sharing period where members can share what they have been working on with the group (and there will be food!).

Community Understanding and Engagement
In Community Understanding and Engagement you will get the opportunity to participate in community service, as well as use our time together to discuss gender stereotypes and what it means to be a young adult in the United States today with the hopes of creating and facilitating a workshop on this topic at this year’s New England Youth Identity Summit. This activity meets on Fridays, provides community service opportunities at multiple non-profits, provides food, and will give you plenty of community service hours which will go towards your graduation requirements!

Creature Club
Creature Club is an activity centered around the connection between humans and animals. We are going to fundraise for the Endangered Ark Foundation which is an elephant sanctuary that houses an elephant who used to live in Maine (Rosie)! We will also be helping out at a local animal shelter called Graze in Peace where we will be working with retired sheep, llamas, pigs, chickens and dogs. This is a good activity for those who like animals and want to get out and make an impact.

Current Events
The current events activity is your chance to discuss the social, political and economic issues of the day with your peers. We choose topics to discuss, gather background information and critical facts, and explore many sides of the issues. We also critically consider sources and the influence of social media and the current reality of news reporting on our view and understanding of local, national, and world events. Given it is an election year, the current events activity will also ask the US community to participate in an election survey. Participating students will lead a discussion at the Youth Identity Summit.

Debate Club
A team in which experienced students will teach others about formal debate. Students will practice during activity period and may compete in weekend debate events around the state.

The Dungeon of the Dragon
Welcome to the realm of the infinite! This club is centered around the famous tabletop roleplaying game of Dungeons and Dragons. New and old players can gather and have a space to learn about the fictional worlds in front of them, brainstorm ideas and characters into existence, or take a short jaunt with playing in a campaign every week. No experience is required, as it is a time to start learning as much as it is a time for complex dungeon crafting. 

Entrepreneur Club
Entrepreneur club is a student run organization focused on exploring the world of entrepreneurship and the important impact small business has on our economy and communities. Many students will go on to become entrepreneurs or work in entrepreneurial businesses. So what are the key characteristics of successful businesses and their leaders? Students will have the opportunity to explore those characteristics within the context of writing business plans, pitching product ideas and hearing from community leaders.

Film Club
Watch and discuss films of historical and/or cultural significance, usually focusing on older films (made before 1970).

Finance Club
This club will help you to learn more about the world of finance. We will explore investing through the Stock Market Game and discuss national and global economic issues. Docuseries, documentaries, and/or films picked by members will help enrich our perspectives on particular topics. There will be opportunities to participate in a number of competitions: Life$marts, Titan Challenge, etc. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary, as long as you come interested.

Friends of Founders
Students are paired with a Lower School classroom and faculty mentor to work with individual students and in group settings. This activity meets once per month to check in on each member’s work. Upper School volunteers spend one period per week in Lower School classrooms for a year-long commitment and may earn community service hours. In addition to the monthly check-in during Friday activity block, this activity will provide support and training as well as insights into the classroom teaching and mentoring field.

GLTR- Girls Leadership Training
Waynflete Girls’ Leadership Training (GLTR) is an activity in which we discuss the challenges that women face in today’s society. GLTR is a place in which we will educate ourselves on current events and legislation both on a national and local scale regarding women's reproductive as well as general rights. In addition, we plan to hold discussions about how these events impact our everyday lives and how we can work both as individuals and as a group to combat some of these issues. This year, one of the many goals of GLTR is to become more involved in the community, including but not limited to monthly community-service based volunteering at Planned Parenthood and other organizations that support women and those who identify as women. In the coming year, we hope to further the discussion on intersectionality and women's rights, empowering each other as well as the community.

Just Voices
Calling all singers who would like to sharpen their skills through the exploration of a cappella music. This activity time is for expanding vocal technique, creating harmonies, exploring vocal percussion, and bringing songs to life...with just voices, no instruments!

Join us for knitting, tea, and conversation! All skill levels welcome: lessons will be offered for beginners, while more advanced knitters will have the opportunity to hone their craft and learn new skills. Projects will often include a service component, such as knitting and donating hats and scarves to the Preble Street Shelter. Needles, yarn, and patterns will be provided to any who need it.

We will be a team that competes in the local "Pi Cone South" Math League, as well as state-wide. Math meets are held approximately every 4 weeks until April. We will "practice" during one Activity period a week and have an afternoon/evening practice within the week before each meet to focus on the materials of that meet. There will also be laughter, pizza, and team problem-solving.

Outing Club
Come join the Waynflete Outing Club as we explore Maine! The club is open to anyone who has a desire to spend time outside. We offer two to three overnight trips throughout the year as well as weekly outings when schedules permit. The goal of the club is to provide a diverse array of experiences that meet the needs of all club and community members. Examples of trips include weekly walks, climbing at Salt Pump, mindfulness in nature, fly fishing on local rivers and beaches, hiking in Acadia, and potentially surfing local breaks. Additionally, the club works to be an advocate for wild places and activities that bring people into direct and meaningful contact with wild landscapes.

Parkside Fun Mentor Programs
The Project Respect and Parkside Fun mentor programs are a long-standing tradition at Waynflete. Each participant is paired with a Reiche School buddy in the 3rd-5th grade. Mentors go to Reiche once a week, generally after school on Wednesday afternoons, and spend a lunch/recess time with their buddy. In addition, participants spend one afternoon after school each week from November to April participating in activities such as making tie-dye T-shirts, rock-climbing, bowling, ice skating, community service, group games, and a final banquet. While this program requires a substantive commitment of time, it can be a life-changing experience for both mentors and mentees.

Poetry Out Loud
This is a national competition in poetry recitation and performance. We will offer this exciting learning experience in an US activity open to all grade levels. Together we will examine the website, choose performance poems, learn to understand and perform chosen poems and ready ourselves for competition. Guest actors and theater directors will help us with our performance techniques!

Popular Music and Cultural Criticism
Listen to music and talk about the world. Listen to music you love and talk about what makes it tick. Listen to music you hate and talk about why it still sold a million copies. Talk about fashion, history, rance, rebellion, politics, gender, food, TV, and how it all relates to what’s on the radio, now and then. Read the critics and talk about what they missed. Listen to the records and hear the world that made them. Ask the hard questions about rock, hip-hop, pop, blues, country, soul, and anything else.

PRIDE - PRIDE Promoting Respect Integrity
Diversity and Equality: Works to increase understanding of gender and sexuality by creating a safe and thoughtful environment for learning and dialogue within the group and larger school community.PRIDE - GSTA - Gay Straight Transgender Alliance
Waynflete's GSTA promotes meaningful and respectful communication. We work in the school to encourage everyone to take responsibility for their words and actions and we attempt to increase understanding by creating a safe and thoughtful environment.

Project Story Boost
Project Story Boost (PSB) is a literacy initiative that has grown out of an almost decade-long partnership between Reiche Community School and Waynflete . More than 50 upper-schooler reading mentors head to Reiche over once a week for the full academic year to read with their designated mentee/reading buddy.  In addition to inspiring their buddy to read, PSB mentors foster real friendships with them, making the experience rich, meaningful, and satisfying.

RAAW- Racial Awareness at Waynflete
This activity is for students who are interested in extended dialogue, who are willing to examine closely and deeply how race affects us at Waynflete and in the world, and who like to eat! We will focus on activism and creating a community of allies in our community and beyond.

R.A.P.S - Raising Awareness & Providing Support
R.A.P.S.(Raising Awareness Providing Support) is an active student group that seeks to educate themselves and their peers about the physical and mental well-being in Upper School. Some of our projects and work includes World AIDS day, stress resilience, working with Waynflete Hope Club to help reduce the stigma around mental health issues and raising awareness about dating violence and abuse prevention. If you are interested in helping to teach the Safer Sexuality Program in Seminar with Lydia, Cathie and Blake this spring, you will want to join this group. This activity is open to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

Do you like to work with your hands? In Robotics Club we build robots and pit them against other Maine schools in VEX robotics competitions! Do you want to learn some computer programming? Write your first code in Robotics club! Do you want to build your own automated gizmos? Grab an Arduino board and get going! Fun, cool, and we get to learn some interesting stuff. No experience necessary.

Stage Crew
This is your chance to work "Behind The Scenes" on the many productions here at Waynflete! This group of students will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make a show come together for the stage. Learn the finer points of set building, lighting, sound, and stage management in this ongoing Crew time. Students who join will be expected to be able to attend most of the shows during the school year and the many of the practices leading up to them. If you want to be involved with the theater and don't want to be "on" stage, then this is the place for you!

Student Government
Student Government representatives are elected by the student body in each grade level during class elections held at the start of the school year. The group discusses the emerging issues in Upper School life, helps choose, organize and run assemblies and special speakers, and plans US events that contribute to the life of community here at Waynflete such as Spirit Week and the Prom. They are responsible for taking up issues of concern/discussion between students, faculty and other school divisions and are often involved in interviewing new faculty candidates.

Third Thought (and NEYIS Summit Planning)
Waynflete was just awarded a prestigious national grant that is all about trusting students to facilitate challenging conversation about the most pressing issues of our day. Join the student planning team for the 2020 New England Youth Identity Summit. Whether you’ve participated in NEYIS in the past or are curious to learn what it’s all about, you can be a part of the team that will brainstorm and invite national and internationally known keynote speakers, come up with this year’s Summit theme, design or facilitate student led workshops on topics you choose, help with marketing and outreach to other schools, and much more. The Summit is April 3 & 4 when Waynflete and Seeds of Peace host over 300 high school students from all over New England for performances, dialogue, workshops, and keynote speeches on issues that matter to young people. You'll also be trained as a Narrative 4 facilitator and be the student leaders of the new Third Thought Institute for Civic Engagement. 

Waynflete CPR/AED Training
This club was started three years ago with the goal to get as many people in Waynflete, and eventually the greater Portland community, certified in citizens CPR and AED. During our activities period we will meet to discuss our future courses, review CPR/AED, and work on other health related activities on campus. We will host 2-4 courses this year, all of which will give you community service hours. Students who are not trained in CPR/AED are welcome to join, because we will teach how to perform CPR/AED and also how to be a trainer.

The Waynflete Hope Club
The Waynflete Hope Club serves as an acronym for happy opportunities provided every day. This activity hopes to help shed an important light on dialogue surrounding mental illness by smashing the stigma. We will focus on fun and creative fundraising. All our discussions will be approached with a positive outlook to strive toward our goals of normalizing mental illness conversations amongst teenagers. Any one who is interested in spreading hope should join this group. We will eat lots of snacks and this activity also serves as a great way to get community service hours.

Waynflete Inside Out
Do you want to help tell Waynflete’s story? Are you excited to have a role influencing the marketing and social media strategy of our school? You will have the opportunity to work alongside the Admission Office to generate content as we work to share an insider perspective on life at Waynflete for all prospective families.

Waynflete Library Filers
Calling all athletes, mathletes, and bibliophiles! A new activity, a sort of sports league, is now available at Waynflete, a Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea kind of a team. Are you looking to turn the page on your athleticism? Want to heft some Hemmingway? Serve on the clay court with the Bronte sisters? Toss a javelin with Shakes-spear? Then Waynflete Library Filers is the team for you. Yes, you can pump up those biceps with ten-pound tomes. Do some deep squats to those lower shelves. Get a hamstring stretch when you reach to check out that laptop. The library is looking for some volunteers to help with filing books, checking out books and laptops, and other library duties. Juniors and seniors could earn community service hours, and snacks are provided at every volunteer shift to sweeten the deal. We will meet weekly on Fridays during activities for a group shelv-a-thon. Community service hours will be earned for additional shifts during free blocks, lunch, before and after school, etc.

Waynflete Writers’ Guild
The Waynflete Lit Mag compiles student and faculty art and writing, publishing issues 4-5 times a year. Members of the Lit Mag activity work together to collect submissions and organize and format the Lit Mag. Please further note that anyone can submit to the Lit Mag regardless of if you are in the club or not. But if you enjoy art and writing, the Lit Mag might be the place for you! We are a community of publishers!

WEAG - Waynflete Environmental Action Group
Please join the Waynflete Environmental Action Group (WEAG) this year as we work to promote environmentalism and stewardship both at Waynflete and beyond! Want to organize or attend a rally? Hold a repurposed clothes fashion show? Write congress to demand change? Join a beach cleanup? Write weekly tips to the community? Join with other local schools to promote stewardship? This is what we do at WEAG! Along with planning and carrying out all of these events, we also discuss pressing environmental issues impacting the world in which every one of us lives. Come join us!

Need a brain break in the day? Yoga-tation will help you relax as we do light yoga poses, meditation breathing exercises, and end with savasana, or “corpse pose,” where you can completely unplug and relax. Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness activities help reduce stress as well as improve focus and study skills. We’ll look at the brain science behind meditation, and discuss ways to weave mindfulness into our busy lives.

Design and create the Waynflete School yearbook. This group takes photos, designs layouts, and creates the pages of the yearbook. No experience is necessary - all skills will be taught (and it's easy!). You will be responsible for the content and design of the yearbook, and will learn some graphic design skills in the process. Commitment and strong organizational skills are required as meeting deadlines is very important in yearbook production.