At Waynflete, technology serves the curriculum; it is not the focus of the curriculum. We believe that using technology to support the academic curriculum not only provides students with increasingly necessary life skills but also broadens and deepens student learning. Computers and other mobile technologies are used to foster skills that are critical to success in the classroom: creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

All Middle School students are issued an iPad for the academic year. We view the iPad as one of many learning tools in the classroom. The advantages of a common device are numerous, ensuring equitable access to the Internet and other resources, as well as providing teachers a common platform to teach digital and social skills.

All teachers utilize a range of tools in the classroom beyond the iPad, including pen/pencil and paper, activities and notes on the dry erase board, interactive group work, and student-led discussions. Teachers also introduce technologies and programs that can help support, challenge, and engage students with differing learning styles and abilities. New technologies and programs enable us to:

  • increase differentiation and student-centered learning,
  • incorporate open-ended and project-based learning activities,
  • provide more fluid and flexible access to learning tools,
  • allow for authentic documentation of student progress, and
  • tailor organizational tools to the individual.

We want to be sure that students balance screen time and family time, so we collect iPads prior to all school vacations.


A list of tools used in Middle School that require COPPA Consent.


Resources for Parents:

Common Sense Media: A go-to resource for parents. Many links, videos, and articles about parenting in the digital age.


Screen time: It's not about how much. It's about how: A 2015 article about balancing screen time.

Creating a family media plan: A template for create a media plan with your children. Lots of good ideas and thoughts on the health and wellness of the whole child.

Take control of your device: Tips and quick solutions for reducing the distractions that phones/iPads may bring to your life

Managing Screen Time: A handout created by Director of Technology, Page Lennig, with a list of age-appropriate tips of helping your child manage their screen time.