The Kindergarten and First Grade curriculum is geared toward the emerging individuality of the young learners, eager to become more skilled and confident as they explore the world around them. Diverse learning opportunities are presented in a supportive, stimulating, and creative experiential setting. Working in small groups, students can share their ideas, with a growing attention to detail, as they discuss stories, write and draw in journals, learn songs in Spanish, or actively observe plants and animals living in their natural environments.

Language, reading, and writing skills are introduced through activities such as comparing and dramatizing folk and fairy tales, choosing books during free time, vocabulary games, letter and word formation, and group singing. Students become familiar with basic math concepts as they learn to read simple graphs, practice with numbers, and are introduced to grouping and measurement concepts. The natural sciences are experienced through observation of the local environment, including climate changes, seasonal life cycles, plant growth, and animal habitats. Art, music, and creative movement are integrated into the curriculum, as students learn new songs, work with a variety of visual art media, and participate in a range of structured and unstructured physical activities.

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