Early Childhood (Preschool)

The Early Childhood program (ages 3-5) promotes positive growth for young children through active play and focused inquiry. We aim to ensure that a child’s initial exposure to school is a positive and happy one. The Early Childhood program is deeply rooted in the Reggio Emilia approach, which is consistent with our School’s own philosophy and beliefs about learning and young children.

The faculty possesses a thorough understanding of child development and works collaboratively to design a program that is responsive to children’s natural curiosity and their capacity to pursue fascinating lines of inquiry over time. We view children as competent and capable and provide them with opportunities for exploration and self-expression through multiple modalities and media (commonly referred to as “the hundred languages of children” by educators in Reggio Emilia). Daily documentation of children’s work and ideas informs this facilitated learning, using running transcripts of conversations, and audio, still and video recording. These traces give teachers, who are insightful observers of children, a window into the progression of the children’s thinking and influence curricular decisions reflecting the individuals in the program. We invite families to participate in this process by studying the documentation to better understand their children’s day at school, to share personal connections to topics under study, and as inspiration to extend the learning at home.

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