Thank you for your interest in Waynflete’s Lower School!

The school is organized into four multiage groups: Early Childhood (3- and 4-year-olds); Kindergarten and Grade 1; Grades 2 and 3; and Grades 4 and 5. These developmentally oriented programs are designed to meet the wide range of experiences, skills, learning rates, and styles of elementary-age learners in two-year programs. Teaching teams develop deep personal relationships with children and families to support continued growth in all areas of development. The Lower School curriculum provides both subject-specific and interdisciplinary learning experiences. As information is acquired and new meaning is constructed, students are guided in making connections to prior knowledge and in discovering the relevance of their work to the world beyond school.

We encourage you to visit us and spend some time in the Lower School. Come witness teachers skillfully guiding students to inquire, explore, wonder, notice, connect, imagine, play, create, and collaborate. Experience the energy of children who are happy and engaged in their learning—and with one another, the teachers, the space, and the materials. Waynflete’s Lower School is a place that allows children to feel known, understood, and valued, and it supports their developing skills and disciplined habits of mind. It is an exciting place to see learning in action.

Personal and Social Skills
Much of the Lower School’s work is summarized by three important rules, which serve as a code of behavior for all students in Early Childhood through Grade 5: take care of yourself, take care of others, and take care of the environment. Lower School teachers strive to help children build comfort and confidence by encouraging an appropriate level of self-regulation. Teachers work closely with children to foster interpersonal skills and appreciation for the social setting. Respect and stewardship are concepts the Lower School seeks to develop from the self outward.

Growth of the following personal and social skills is actively encouraged and expected of students throughout the Lower School. As children grow older, they are likely to achieve greater consistency and proficiency in applying these skills. 

We also build connections with the greater Waynflete community through our interdisciplinary studies, shared assemblies, and some purposeful programming, including: 

  • PachangaOur weekly community singing assembly with the entire Lower School. 
  • Lower School Buddies Waynflete’s youngest students are paired with older Lower School students and meet regularly to read books, collaborate on activities, and participate in community events. 
  • Friends of FoundersUpper School students visit weekly to connect with K-1 students through books, lessons, and projects. 
  • Global FocusA shared Lower School thematic unit that focuses on one country each year. Recent Global Focus countries include Ethiopia and Spain. 

Learning Skills and Habits
In the Lower School, children develop a lifelong commitment to learning. They are encouraged to make choices and to take increasing degrees of responsibility for their own learning. Teachers plan group projects and assign individualized work based on a close personal knowledge of each child’s unique strengths and needs. Teachers also plan flexibly so that the developing interests and initiative of the children may be embraced and encouraged.