Learning Skills and Habits

In the Lower School, children develop a lifelong commitment to learning. They are encouraged to make choices and to take increasing degrees of responsibility for their own learning. Teachers plan group projects and assign individualized work based on a close, personal knowledge of each child’s unique strengths and needs. Teachers also plan flexibly so that the developing interests and initiative of the children may be embraced and encouraged.

A list of general learning skills emphasized throughout Lower School follows. These skills are very important for success in all areas of the curriculum. Listed separately are advanced skills, which become emphasized at higher levels of Lower School.

All Lower School (EC-5) Students

  • demonstrate a positive attitude toward school,
  • care for personal possessions and class materials,
  • develop self-confidence,
  • demonstrate initiative,
  • make choices,
  • sustain interest in activities,
  • approach new materials willingly,
  • seek help appropriately,
  • take responsibility for quality of work,
  • complete projects, and
  • display a willingness to take risks.