Language Arts

Language arts are essential both as a discipline and as a means of communication about all other areas of study. In the Lower School, children are engaged in a language-rich environment where their natural interests and abilities are expanded. They receive many opportunities to listen and speak in formal and informal settings, developing their capacity for effective communication. A love of reading is fostered throughout each school day as teachers enjoy sharing stories with children and encouraging them to interact with a variety of texts.

As their literacy skills expand, students move from deciphering pictures and reciting familiar stories to reading simple books on their own and eventually to reading more difficult and varied texts. Writing progresses developmentally, from the initial stages of drawing and dictation, to writing independently using phonetic and increasingly conventional spelling, to eventually involving the editing process. Students are encouraged to write for a variety of purposes ranging from notes, lists, and simple stories in the earlier grades to more detailed stories, poetry, biographies, and research reports in the older grades.