Creative Movement

Creative Movement classes in Early Childhood, Kindergarten, and First Grade introduce the principles of dance movement and the use of four elements: space, shape, force, and rhythm. These basic elements of movement provide the students with an unlimited vocabulary of movement possibilities, an awareness of self and each other in individual and group studies, and a greater awareness of themselves in relation to the surrounding space.

Students begin each year with an emphasis on the theme “opposites.” Through improvisational movement, students explore the concept of antonyms (e.g., light/heavy, fast/slow, soft/sharp, and enter/exit). The theme “animals” is also taught in coordination with animal stories and fables read in the classroom throughout the year. Literature comes to life through movement, encouraging the creative retelling of traditional, popular, and original stories. The program strives to promote a sense of accomplishment, discovery, and confidence at a pace that is both comfortable and challenging.