10th Grade Term Papers


Waynflete Library Catalog Our little library has lots of good books for you. Try searching the catalog, but don't stop there. Emily can help you find more using indices and reference sources.

Browse books relevant to your topic Online or on the shelf. Many of the relevant sources will be found in the 900s of the non-fiction section, specifically 940-949 (History of Europe). You will find others of interest in the 300s. This is a long list of relevant books that you might want to peruse as well.


Student Resources in Context This database is a one-stop shop for a variety of different sources: reference, articles from magazines, newspapers and academic journals, primary sources, and biographies. For some topics, there are very helpful topic explorer pages that gather a variety of sources on individual topics. This could be very helpful as you narrow down your topic. (These databases should be available from anywhere in Maine. If you have trouble off-campus, please let Emily know.)

Gale Virtual Reference Library This database is a collection of reference sources, offering good overviews on a huge variety of topics, as well as some more in-depth topic coverage. This is a good place to start to learn about your topic.

New York Times Archive provides full access to past NY Times articles since 1851. For some of you, this could be an excellent source of primary sources (articles written at the time of your events). Keep in mind, however, that these are written from an American perspective. To gain access, you must set up an account. You may also want to download the app for your device.

Citing Sources


Essential Reminders for Citing Sources

Instructions for Citing Sources in Noodletools

Guidelines for Citing Primary Sources (for this paper)