Wellness Education

Our wellness programming is delivered through the authentic relationships with advisors that begin to form in the first week of school. Dedicated time spent playing and exploring together in the great outdoors through field games, day trips, and wilderness expeditions sets the stage for having a balanced lifestyle, fostering peer support, and engaging in meaningful conversations about goals and aspirations. The “Safe Place” signs around campus remind students about the importance of dialogue that emphasizes kindness and empathy. Every advisor works with an age-appropriate approach to help their students navigate personal decision-making and essential life skills.

Lower School advisors share quality time building relationships and fostering individual growth by meeting with their classroom communities at the beginning and end of every day. The Middle School curriculum includes communicating with integrity on and offline. Programming to introduce mindfulness and stress management, healthy relationships and sexuality, image issues and eating disorders, mental health and well being, and substance abuse occurs at developmentally appropriate junctures. In upper grades, year-long advising groups eat together weekly and provide a format for check-ins, sharing highlights, time management strategies, discussing diversity, and overcoming stereotypes.

Every teacher is invested in helping students make healthy and constructive choices in their lives and as well as helping them learn how to support one another emotionally.

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