Health and Wellness Support Services

Waynflete recognizes the central role of student physical, mental, and emotional well-being in fulfilling all aspects of our school mission. Students have access to a variety of supports when facing academic, social or physical challenges. Our faculty is trained to recognize signs and symptoms of distress and to help students recognize when more support is needed. It is our hope that every child develops positive adult relationships and learns to balance asking for help with developing independence, self-knowledge, and self-care.

The following immediate and long-term supports are available for Waynflete students:

Academic Support Plans

Academic support plans are created when students have a documented learning challenge and need support. These plans can include tutoring, extended time or other supports. Academic support plans are written by Director of Academic Support Stacey Sevelowitz (207.774.5721. ext.1289).

  • Neuropsych or other valid assessment measures are required from a licensed professional.
  • Parents and evaluators provide input on the support plan.
  • Students are involved in reviewing their support plan.
  • If a student has more than one support plan (emotional, health, etc.), each plan will include links to their additional supports at the top of the plan for ease of reference.

Advisors make check in calls to discuss plan early in the year, provide ongoing communication with tutors, and act as liaison for student/parents/teachers.

Health Management Plans

Health Management Plans are created for students who need support managing an ongoing health concern (e.g. diabetes, severe allergy, Lyme symptoms, eating disorder). If the student has a temporary health concern (e.g. broken bone, recovery from surgery), a Temporary Injury Management Plan (TIMP) can be created.

For sharing non-urgent but important information about a student physical health concern, please email Laura Deterding and the health team at

Accommodations could include temporary classroom location changes, elevator privileges, waived physical activity, etc. Documentation from a physician is required in order to draft a plan. Parents and the advisor provide input.

Support plans include regular advisor check-ins with their advisee.

Health Team

Laura Deterding, R.N., M.S., Health Coordinator -, 207-331-7879

Niki Baldic, Athletic Trainer and Assistant Health Coordinator -

Lydia Maier, Assistant Head -

Carrie Turner, Summer Office Assistant -


Emotional Support Plans

Emotional Support Plans are created when a student requires clinician directed adult support or accommodations to manage ongoing emotional distress.

If you feel your student could benefit from an emotional support plan (e.g. due to anxiety/depression, loss of family member/friend, parent separation), you should reach out to their division director and the clinical team at or contact Lydia Maier at If a student is known to be talking about or engaging in self-harm or suicidal ideation, swift response is activated. Parents and advisors are notified and the student will have a external risk assessment before returning to school.

Support plans may include interventions such as regular check-ins with a Waynflete clinician, permission for breaks in division assistants’ offices, or a modified academic plan. Support plans include regular advisor check-ins with their advisee.


Clinical Team

Lydia Maier, L.C.S.W., Assistant Head -, 207.774-5721, ext. 1276, mobile: 207.233.0584

Kate Corbett, L.C.S.W., School Counselor - , 207.774.5721, ext. 1191

Cathie Connors, Upper School Dean of Students -, 207.774.5721. ext.1233

John Stewart, Ph.D, Consulting Psychologist

Testing, Evaluation, and Academic Support

Click here to learn more about Waynflete's testing, evaluation, and academic support services.

Concussion Management Plans

Concussion Management Plans are created for students diagnosed with a concussion that require specific accommodations while at school. These accommodations could include shortened school days, waived assignments and limits to physical activity, etc.

  • When information is received about a concussion diagnosis, please inform Stacey Sevelowitz (207.774.5721, ext.1289) who will write a plan with input from the physician, Health Coordinator, Athletic Trainer, parents, and advisor.
  • Plan will be shared with advisor, teachers and coaches.
  • Plan will have an activation and deactivation date; the athletic trainer will coordinate a “return to play” plan if necessary.
  • If a student has additional support plans (e.g. emotional, academic, health), the plan will include links to their additional supports at the top of the plan for ease of reference.

Concussion Management Team:

Stacey Sevelowitz, Director of Academic Support -, 207.774.5721, ext.1289

Laura Deterding, R.N., M.S., Health Coordinator -, 207-331-7879

Niki Baldic, Athletic Trainer and Assistant Health Coordinator -, 207.774.5721, ext.1256

Ross Burdick, Athletic Director -

Lydia Maier, L.C.S.W., Assistant Head -

Crisis Support Contacts


While we hope that all students come to school healthy and ready to learn, we also recognize that some students struggle with mental health issues. School personnel play an important role in identifying the early warning signs of an emerging mental health condition. Our wellness curriculum provides important information about well-being and mental health education and how students can ask for help if they have a concern about themselves or a friend.

Waynflete employs two licensed clinical social workers as well as consulting clinical psychologists who provide support to our faculty, children, and families. Waynflete staff members do not provide long-term mental health therapy, but we do work closely with families in connecting students to effective services and referrals. Waynflete partners with area mental health service providers including Sweetser, Spurwink, and Maine Behavioral Healthcare.

If you believe a concern regarding a student may be life-threatening to a student or involves a threat of imminent harm to the student or others, please call 911 and/or the Maine Statewide Crisis Hotline 888-568-1112 to talk through next steps.

These organizations provide families with access to mental health providers and crisis intervention services.

  • Maine Statewide Crisis Hotline 888-568-1112
  • Maine Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-888-568-1112
  • Sexual Assault/ Dating Abuse Hotline: 1-800-871-7741 (24-hour statewide sexual assault crisis)
  • Teen Text Line: Text CTL to 741741  (Crisis Text Line—connects teens with a compassionate, trained listener through toll-free texting service 24/7, nationwide)