Student Health, Well-Being, and Safety

Waynflete is devoted to the healthy development of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. We surround all of our students with caring adults who provide both the security and challenge necessary for growth. Our faculty are invested in providing a nurturing environment, believing that a well cared for child is most likely to achieve the greatest success in school.

Waynflete provides both an environment and curriculum that encourages well-being. Our comprehensive health and wellness curriculum provides both information and opportunities for discussion around age-appropriate topics. Our academic program has all the rigor without the bad stress. We emphasize balance both in our daily schedule and in the amount of work we assign. Students should enjoy learning and also be challenged intellectually. We achieve both objectives.

When students struggle, we have a coordinated care model where all student support services are part of the same school department. This ensures that all those responsible for taking care of students are sharing information and providing the best possible support. The Director of Student Affairs, in close consultation with each division, oversees the health coordinator, mental health clinicians, and academic support.


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