The Can We? Project Summer Institute on Dialogue and Civic Engagement

The impending 2020 election has educators on edge about how to best engage students in respectful conversations about current events. Can you envision turning this historic event into a meaningful, productive learning experience? Is your school community ready for this challenge?

This summer, join faculty from around the country in beautiful Portland, Maine, to hone tools and strategies that will allow your school community to harness the power of dialogue across political differences. Waynflete has been forging a path through the current divisiveness with The “Can We?” Project. This private/public effort 1) engages students from diverse backgrounds in authentic dialogue, and 2) supports their collaboration on a project that addresses the most challenging topics of our time. 

Dates: June 29 - July 3, 2020
Location: Waynflete School, Portland, ME 

(registration will be active on December 1)

Participate in a three-day immersive training on the foundations of dialogue. Participants will gain the experience of engaging in dialogue across difference firsthand with colleagues, while simultaneously learning methods and strategies to use in your classroom and your school community. 

Attend workshops about programs and initiatives to take back to your school, including:

  • The “Can We?” Project;
  • Narrative 4 Training (full day);
  • Designing for Election 2020;
  • Faculty enrichment through dialogue;
  • Building a dialogue curriculum in advising, and more. 

Consult one-on-one (or as a team) with workshop presenters about how to initiate  initiatives/programs in your school. 

Explore this powerful approach to preparing for the 2020 election while also strengthening your school culture, elevating student leadership, and building community partners. For more information, email Third Thought Director Jeannemarie Halleck at or 207.774.7863, ext. 1165