Parents Association Slate

All parents of Waynflete students are members of the Parents Association. It is our goal to facilitate parent involvement in the school and promote communication within the parent community. We play a vital role in many school functions, including welcoming new parents, organizing class gatherings, and supporting the needs of faculty through volunteering.

All Waynflete parents are encouraged to get involved in Parents Association opportunities throughout the year. Consider becoming a Class Parent, participating on one of our committees, volunteering with the library or arts, or holding a leadership position in the Parents Association.

Please email us if you have questions or comments.

Parent Association Officers

Zac McBee, President





Katie Hogan, Vice President





Maura Ryan, Communications Coordinator





Gina Vardis, Treasurer





Kristin Valdmanis, Member-at-Large





Class Parents - Lower School

EC3 | EC4


Jen Slack Kaplus, Early Childhood 3


Emily Matthews, Early Childhood 4





Kindergarten | Grade 1

Lindsay Hocking-Hauser, Kindergarten




Jessica Joyce, Grade 1





Grade 2 | Grade 3

Eliza Ginn, Grade 2




Joost Verweij, Grade 3





Grade 4 | Grade 5

Liz McDonald, Grade 4




Kevin Hogan, Grade 5

Class Parents - Middle School

Grade 6

Sarah Jessen




Lindsey Kryzak



Grade 7

Will Crosby



Renee Wolff


Grade 8

Margaret Logan




Caitlin Kirby

Class Parents - Upper School

Grade 9

Andrea DiNapoli




Suzanne Mahar





Grade 10

Lisen Kern




Allison Gibbs





Grade 11

Lauren Adey




Carolyn Lane





Grade 12

Meeghan McLain




Elizabeth McGrady



Chairs of Committees

Dance Liaison - Heather Lippert





Athletics - Abby Bliss





Equity and Inclusion - Ellie Linen Low




Equity and Inclusion - Sophie Mendoza




Monday Books - Gretchen Knowlton




Monday Books - Ruth Dean





Social Committee - Alice Wagg





Social Committee - Kate Burnham


Spring Fling

Spring Fling - Carly Cope