“We believe that diversity is one of the conditions of excellence for our school.”

- Waynflete’s Mission Statement

Waynflete’s commitment to diversity permeates all aspects of our program. Our mission states that diversity is one of the conditions of excellence for our school. We believe that a diverse school community contributes positively to the education of our students. When we are challenged through exposure to a wide range of viewpoints, we learn to analyze our assumptions, question the status quo and creatively craft solutions to even the most daunting challenges.

Our community strives to be equitable and just. In reaching for these goals, we:

  • look for ways to understand and celebrate the richness of the human experience,
  • purposely integrate global perspectives into curriculum,
  • work diligently to create opportunities for all voices and opinions to be heard,
  • emphasize learning and growth through mutual respect and understanding, and
  • desire to include and accept all individuals.
This commitment to diversity, and its actualization in all that we do and stand for, is central to both the education of our students and our collective hope that all individuals in their own ways become responsible and caring participants in the world.

Current Diversity Initiatives

Martin Luther King Spirit Award

Waynflete’s Diversity and Equity Faculty Committee has invited students to add their voices to the chorus of Americans supporting social justice and racial equality in our nation by entering themselves for consideration of the second annual Spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. Award. The Award is an opportunity for students to engage in dialogue that looks for ways to end oppression, to affirm basic civil rights, and to call for increased opportunity for all people by submitting an essay.

New England Youth Identity Summit

Every year, Waynflete welcomes students and educators from schools across New England to a conference designed to spark meaningful conversations about identity, diversity, and community.

NEYIS features speakers, music and spoken-word performances, student-led workshops, and breakout sessions for both students and educators.

Friday, April 5 - Saturday, April 6, 2019

Upper School Activities

PRIDE - GSTA - Gay Straight Transgender Alliance
Waynflete's GSTA promotes meaningful and respectful communication. We work in the school to encourage everyone to take responsibility for their words and actions and we attempt to increase understanding by creating a safe and thoughtful environment.

Click here to view "Gender Inquiry: Thinking Beyond the Binary," a parent presentation.

RAAW- Racial Awareness at Waynflete
This activity is for students who are interested in extended discussion, who are willing to examine closely and deeply how race affects us at Waynflete and in the world, and for students who like to eat! We meet during lunch and activities to talk about race in our community and beyond. In addition, we have a fall retreat, sponsor a movie night and Martin Luther King Jr. activities.

Faculty and Staff Professional Development
Waynflete faculty and staff participate in diversity conferences and workshops throughout the year as part of their professional development including the AISNE Diversity Conference, the NAIS People of Color Conference, and the NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute.

Professional Development Day 2018 for all faculty and staff will include a session devoted to diversity.

Diversity and Equity Committee

Waynflete's Diversity & Equity Committee (DEC) is led by the school’s diversity coordinator and is comprised of volunteer faculty and staff representatives from across the school. Members of the committee act as facilitators for racial, ethnic, economic, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, physical ability, and religious diversity. The DEC supports the ongoing diversity work at our school, generates resources, and promotes professional development opportunities.

Parent Diversity Committee

Waynflete’s Parent Diversity Committee is a volunteer group that supports the school's commitment to diversity. Committee members organize presentations and discussions with faculty, students, and families. This year, the committee will also actively support school events such as the second annual New England Youth Identity Summit and a visiting day for college students of color.