OLD: Center for Civic Engagement

At Waynflete, we believe it is essential to provide opportunities for students to learn from people of different backgrounds and beliefs, to confront the challenges that our society faces, and to cultivate the skills of respectful dialogue and the mindset of ethical citizenship through direct experience.

In March 2019, Waynflete was awarded a major grant to support the creation of The Center for Civic Engagement, a partnership with other schools and a diverse range of advocacy organizations to support Waynflete's mission of expanded discourse and civility across political, socioeconomic, and other differences.

The $250,000 matching grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation enables Waynflete to build on the success of the New England Youth Identity Summit, The “Can We?” Project, and other initiatives. It also allocates funds for the development of new programs and partnerships.

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The "Can We?" Project

An experiment in revitalizing democracy by teaching students from communities across Maine dialogue across difference. Partners include the Maine Heritage Policy Center and a wide range of local high schools.

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The New England Youth Identity Summit

Now in its fourth year, the two-day New England Youth Identity Summit brings together close to 400 students from more than 30 schools across the region to immerse themselves in meaningful conversations about identity, diversity, and community.

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The Dialogue Project

The Waynflete Dialogue Project is intended to make dialogue a keystone habit among Upper School students by explicitly teaching them the skills of dialogue and giving students the opportunity to practice. As part of the Dialogue Project, Waynflete invited The Defamation Experience to campus and worked with Narrative 4 to train 27 student facilitators who then led an Upper School-wide story exchange.

American Democracy and Civic Engagement (MSON)

A network of schools across the country that provides motivated, upper-level students with a variety of intensive academically challenging courses beyond what would normally be available to them.

  • Learn about Waynflete's online course, "American Democracy and Civic Engagement."

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