Drake Award

In 1976, Dr. and Mrs. Emerson Drake, parents of four former Waynflete students, received a special honor for their service to Waynflete. Emerson Drake had served on the Board of Trustees for 16 years, the last several as President. Ping, his wife, was equally active within the School community, volunteering in many areas of the school. They were recognized by the Board of Trustees with the award that now bears their name. Ping was also made an honorary Waynflete Alumna. We honor their example and their memory by awarding the Drake Award each June at Commencement.

In presenting the first Drake Award, Board member David Osgood said: “It is our hope that this award will serve not only as a lasting reminder of what the Drakes have done for Waynflete but also as an inspiration to others to do likewise.”

Past Drake Award Recipients

1976 Dr. Emerson & Nancy Pingree Drake

1977 Jane ’45 & William Moody

1978 Leona Goodwin

1979 Mary E. Walker

1980 Thomas M. Armstrong

1981 Dave & Judy ’52 Osgood

1982 Virginia Kurtz

1983 Kit Liller

1984 Sherry Huber

1985 Marylee Dodge

1986 Mary Lou Sprague ’46

1987 Debbie & Verner Reed

1988 Penny Pachios Carson ’58

1989 Charlton & Noni Ames

1990 Charles Callanan

1991 Leonard L. Brooks

1992 Ron & Susan Hall

1993 Betty & Santo Cimino

1994 Alice Spencer

1995 Joan Connick

1996 Ann Staples Waldron

1997 Elizabeth P. Carroll

1998 Maria Glaser

1999 Nancy Lightbody

2000 Roger Berle

2001 Eve & Peter McPheeters

2002 Sheri & Joe Boulos

2003 Margaret W. Soule ’59

2004 Margaret Morfit

2005 Dr. Rebecca Abgott

2006 Ineke Schair

2007 Nancy Brain & John Watson

2008 Alice Mary Pierce ’42

2009 Tim & Joan Porta

2010 Betts Armstrong

2011 Bonnie Porta & Bobby Monks

2012 Anne Chadwick Parker ’61

2013 Jan Macleod

2014 Diane Lukac

2015 Gregory W. Boulos

2016 Abby Dubay-Troiano

2017 Jane Batzell

2018 Gregg Lipton and Sara Crisp

2019 Bill Torrey